Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dave Racaniello Love List

Yes, we are going to ignore the whole Omar/Bernazard/Rubin mess. What is there left to say? The Mets blogosphere, an unusually lucid and literate bunch, has done the disaster justice. Instead we give you the long awaited, eagerly anticipated story of our favorite bullpen catcher/David Wright BFF/Nissan-driving "Turtle".

He's literate. Read Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air"

Is exceptionally kind to children seeking souvenirs

In a player's parking lot full of Escalades and Benzes, his Nissan Maxima is always parked next to DW's Audi.

Won the Junior College World Championship

Had back surgery in 2006 to repair a herniated disk

Was the barber in the Mets' 2007 hair-shaving debacle.

Is referred to by DW intimates as "Turtle" or "Moocher", and lived with DW until this past winter.

He is the Mets' "jack of all trades" and a master at being invisible. Also serves as the target for much testerone-fueled teasing and practical jokes.

Works on a yearly contractual basis. Gets paid per game, plus pitcher's tips.

So kudos to Dave Rac, for having the envious job of catching some of the game's greatest pitchers (without the monetary rewards, alas). You're a "Vince" to us!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Calendar

For those of you who are interested in the extremely exciting and eventful lives that the LadyMet family lives, here is a sample from our family calendar for the rest of this month:

July 17 - Family will travel to Lancaster, PA. On drive there, Mr LadyMet and I will dissect all of the Mets' issues. Mr LadyMet will continue to cry about not signing Manny.

July 19 - Drive home from Lancaster. Mr LadyMet and I will cry about this weekends' losses to Braves, all of which wouldn't have happened if we had Manny. Lady-in-training will drown us out with her itouch.

July 22 - I will finally think about writing long-planned post on bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello. Won't do it, but will think about it.

July 23 - Will exult in a Mets win. Will become hopeful again.

July 24 - Will cry when another "core" member goes on the DL. Will lose hope again. Will spend hour with clinical supervisor at work crying over Mets woes. She will consider firing me.

July 26 - Will finally finish long-overdue writing projects that actually pay money. Will blame tardiness on Mets' losses.

July 27 - Will spend one hour explaining difference between player trades and free agency to lady-in-training. She will not care. She will then ask for a ride to the mall.

July 30 - Mr LadyMet and I will have huge argument over Omar's lack of big trades as deadline passes. The Mets will lose another game.

And so it goes...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wags and Publicity

It's official. We've given up on the season. Mr LadyMet and I, while always and forever fans of our beloveds, no longer have any illusions of division titles. Oddly, we're OK with this, as the pressure is now off and we can simply enjoy whatever wins our team can put together (by the way, we are happy to be wrong about this, if it's meant to be).

Now, moving on to more frivolous matters. Tonite at 10:00 ET, the E! True Hollywood Story has an episode devoted to MLB wives. Appearing are, among others, Heidi Strobel Hamels, that retiring, shy type who would NEVER use her husband's fame for her own career enhancement (how could you even think that?). Of more interest to us Metsies followers is a photo article over at Bleacher Report on MLB's hottest Wags of the All-Star game. Note the reference, once again, to Molly Beers as DW's girlfriend. This makes us wonder: When is the lovely, perky, preppy Sam gonna stand up and be counted? It can't be fun, seeing all these references to Molly in the popular press. Obviously, all those close to the two of them, including team employees (and media) know of her and their plans. So why is Molly still front and center?

Just wondering.

P.S. Thanks to the always lovely Wendy for the Bleacher Report tip!