Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking News: David Wright Loves His Smile (and so do we)

From the Sporting News, March 12, 2009
(What you won't find on Facebook ... even if you're approved as a friend)

Born: Dec. 20, 1982, in Norfolk, Va.
Alma mater: Hickory High (Chesapeake, Va.)
What's on TV: House, Entourage
What's in my iPod: Dave Matthews, Lil Wayne
What I drive: Audi
Favorite flick: Anything with Will Ferrell
Magazine subscriptions: Maxim, SI, ESPN
Bookmarks: Anything about fantasy football
Worst habit: Biting my nails
Favorite meal: Pizza
Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Tiger Woods
Favorite city to visit: Chicago
Favorite team as a kid: Mets and Giants
Favorite value in others: Honesty
Favorite physical attribute about myself: My smile
And least: My height
My greatest love: Family
My heroes: My parents


Citifield, Saturday, May 9

On a personal note...

Autism Awareness Day is on Saturday, May 9, Mets vs. Pirates, at Citifield.

Go, if you can, and show your love to those affected by autism.



Hurry, Part II

Our Mets beat bloggers poll is nearly closed! You have three hours to throw your love their way.
Next poll is coming soon, we know you're waiting with breathless anticipation!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mets Minituae

As spring training rolls to a close, and our Metsies are finally at full strength, we turn our attention to the truly important things about our team. The Ladies are content to leave the stats, lineup projections, rotation and bullpen concerns to those who are much smarter than us (Metsgeek and Amazin Avenue come immediately to mind, although there are many others) and will instead concentrate on the little things we have learned over the course of this very long spring training that make our beloveds the fine men they are. In no particular order, here you go:

Carlos Beltran is opening an academic/baseball academy in Puerto Rico.

David Wright paid for an Iraqi war veteran to fly to LA for the WBC semi finals.

Carlos Delgado has the cutest son ever!

Ryan Church is now slightly less wise.

J.J. Putz doesn't care how people pronounce his name. He loves a good, childish practical joke. Rapidly becoming LadyMet's favorite pitcher. (Besides, he let his wife pick the name of their new son - how does any woman not love that?)

Francisco Rodriguez does not want to be called K-Rod. Someone needs to inform the Mets and MLB of this.

Golf and pitchers do not mix.

Please note that all these fine tidbits are gleaned from various blogs/news sources, but LadyMet is far too lazy on this Sunday to link to all of them. She will now go back to arguing with hubby as to why the Mets will be fine in the offense department this year.

Till next time!

Friday, March 27, 2009


The all-important David Wright Moustache poll is nearly closed. If you haven't already, check it out and get your vote in. Remember, the future of DW's razor depends on you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frankie Says Relax

Yet another 80's musical reference in the title, we're afraid. Sorry, it's a sickness.

Let's focus on our new closer today, shall we? He has not yet pitched in a regular season game for the Mets, and already the drama is piling up. Frankie arrived in camp yesterday after his Team Venezuela lost in the semi-finals of the WBC. When he arrived, he was asked a pretty simple question by one of our fav beat bloggers, Dave Lennon. Dave wanted to know if Frankie was going to need to rest after being used for two four-out saves during the tournament. Frankie was not pleased with the question. Okay.

During the WBC, post-game interviews became lessons in diplomacy for Venezuelan team officials, as Frankie refused to meet with the Venezuelan media at first because of what he perceived to be poor treatment. However, this decision affected all the media. Okay.

Upon signing with the Mets, Frankie immediately stated we were now the "team to beat" in the NL. An innocous statement, given as it was phrased in such a way as to state, "look at the great team we have!" However, here in NY-Philly battle central, the meaning is entirely different. K-Rod was apparently unaware of this.

So, as Steve Popper asks, how's he gonna handle the NY media the first time he blows a save, and the calls for Putz begin?

To add to the media-driven drama, we have a few observations ourselves. During last years' All Star parade in New York, a close personal friend of the LadyMet family was at work. He is a law enforcement professional in Manhattan, with many years experience dealing with the famous and infamous. As he was policing the crowd, some fans took to throwing balls towards the players, who would then sign them and throw them back. The players and fans had been asked repeatedly not to do this, as it could easily endanger someone (imagine a five year old getting beaned, and the resulting multi-million dollar lawsuit). Upon catching K-Rod doing just this, our friend asked him to stop. K-Rod, in all his 95 mph fastball glory, gave the immortal line: "You can't tell me what to do, don't you know who I am? " Oh dear. No paraphrasing here, this is a direct quote (of course, our friend, being the jaded, cynical cop he is, responded with "I don't give a shit. Cut it out!" Imagine our friend's reaction when he, a lifelong Mets fan, found out K-Rod is now our bullpen savior.

We'll leave you with a positive K-Rod note. A Mets fan who attended the WBC games in Miami reports that K-Rod (as well as most players) was friendly and accommodating, and she amassed a huge collection of autographs (given that her seats were practically on the field didn't hurt). She also reports that K-Rod had quite a following of scantily dressed nubile young women who propositioned him with interesting options (our friend also understands Spanish), but he, being the good fiance that he is, declined.

So let's get ready for some interesting K-Rod stories this year, as he celebrates his way into the NL East Public Enemy #1 title!


P.S. You only have two days left to vote in our David Wright/moustache poll, so make your voice heard!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dis 'N Dat

While the Ladies are recovering from last night's Team USA loss to Japan (by the way, isn't Yu Darvish a cutie?) we would like to pass along to you, dear hearts, some blog-type amusement that kept us from wallowing in our we-can't-win-a-world-tournament-even-though-we invented-the-game pity party.

The Wright Stache continues its quest to force a stache upon our beloved David's face, while entertaining us in the process. Don't forget to vote in our poll over here -> , we will be sharing the results with TWS who will then pass it along to DW in hopes of him caving in to public opinion. Cause we all know David is a people pleaser!

Metstradamus continues to make us laugh till we pee. Check out the Virtual Lock post.

For the definitive word on Citifield, check out Metsgrrl's preview post. She has us salivating in anticipation of watching our beloved Metsies at Citi this year.

That's all for today, but for tomorrow we have all sorts of excellent Mets stuff to discuss, now that the WBC is over and our boys are back in camp.


Friday, March 20, 2009

David Wright and Moustaches

Quickie post today...much to do! LadyMet is throwing a baby shower for her niece/nephew to-be this weekend (doesn't it annoy you when expectant parents refuse to find out the gender? Makes everyone else's life more difficult. How selfish. Like it's all about them.) Anyway, we came across a very interesting blog today and wanted your opinion. Check out The Wright Stache, where a group of Mets fans have banded together to encourage David Wright to grow a moustache; the theory being that "naked lips don't win championships". Now, we want a championship as much as anyone, but to clutter up that perfect face with hair? Not too sure about this. He does look good with stubble, we concede this, but a Keith Hernandez-esque stache? Hmmm.

Tell us what you think. We have installed another poll (we do so love our polls!) and give The Wright Stache a visit.

Also, don't forget to cheer on Team USA on Sunday! Pray that David's toe issues are better. Maybe Miss Molly was able to fly out to LA and kiss DW's feet, make them all better.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanted: Gossip!

Spring Training. The WBC. Injuries, rotation contests, sports talk host-player wars. It's been a great spring so far (someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is supposed to be spring, as we are still freezing our asses off here in NYC). The Ladies are missing one thing, though, to make our joy complete. Gossip. Dirt, skinny, 411, you get the idea. The gossip boards are quiet as church mouses, Perez Hilton hasn't squealed in weeks, and The Dirty is gathering dust. A-Rod has become such a caricature of himself nothing he does shocks anymore, and stories about DWright's girlfriend/non-girlfriend (you know, the model that he is/is not dating) no longer titillate.
So we are here to plead with you, dear hearts, to share with us any and all stories, items, pictures you all may have from your spring training/WBC travels. We promise to keep it relatively clean and non-malicious and of course, anonymous (unless you want to advertise your resourcefulness!).

Send to LadyMets@gmail.com



Picture this: LadyMet and hubby are settled in for a good night's sleep. As the snoring commences, both begin to experience the same dream...

A nailbiter of a game...David Wright slides headfirst into home on a sac fly, tying the game in the second at one apiece. Carlos Delgado hits a monster shot that adds two runs to the board in the sixth. Carlos Beltran saves a run with an incredible catch in center field. Then in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded, one out, down by a run, our boy wonder gets up. He watches a couple of pitches, then it happens...he smacks a single to right field! Two runs score! We win the game!! Jubilant, he jumps and raises his fists...yeah!! He is tackled by his teammates in celebration! Jeter and Victorino are the first to reach him. He is tackled by the rest, and ends up on the ground, face first, as the pile celebrates.

Wait, WHAT??? Who tackles him? Why are Carlos y Carlos leaving the field with tears in their eyes? We won!
What the FUCK!!! Startled, LadyMet and hubby awake suddenly, sweating.

LadyMet's hubby voices her own thought..."We gotta stop eating Ben & Jerry's before bed..."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rockin' The Cherry

Now it's posts like this that give female baseball fans a bad name (double standard, anyone?) but LadyMet's 13 year-old alter ego cannot let go of pitcher Rocky Cherry, who was offered back to the Orioles yesterday. They declined, and the Mets are trying to re-sign him to a minor league contract. Omar, just do it! A Cherry and a Putz in one organization? Priceless! (and LadyMet knows from 13 year olds, as she has one)

And now back to our regularly scheduled adulthood...

David Wright, Correspondent

Ah, those were the days...David was still young and goofy, the Mets were winning everything in sight, and all was right with the world...*sigh*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday...So Good To Me...

Bonus points if you can identify the song in the title of this post! Hint: You must be over the age of 30 to even have a chance at this...

Anyhoo, a warning to Port St Lucie residents - our very own Lady G is headed down there this weekend to provide John Maine with some encouragement and comfort- crosswords, fried okra (good luck getting THAT thru security, G!) and many hugs for our emo-ridden righty. We are looking forward to reports from her from- wait for it - the field!

Speaking of Lady G, she reports that Duaner "Wild Thing" Sanchez has signed a minor league deal with San Diego. We wish him nothing but good luck there, except when he pitches aganist us, naturally.

Just got thru reading Will Leitch's article on the Mets in NY Mag - now we're depressed. Thanks, Will.

On a positive note, while our stars have been off prancing around with the likes of Hanley Ramierz, Jimmy Rollins (shutter) and Derek Jeter, those left behind have been making good use of increased playing time. Nick Evans, in particular, looking to come out from under Daniel (Don't Call Me Dan) Murphy's shadow, has been tearing it up in spring training play, batting .325 with 10 rbbies. Maybe that kick in the butt from David Wright on Super Bowl Sunday is doing him some good. Ryan Church is looking like his pre-concussion self, hitting .314 and feeling good.

Later, gangstas!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blog Notes

A few changes have been made, all the better to serve you, ladies and gangstas. Note the poll on the right. LadyMet adores her Mets beat bloggers, and decided to see if the love is shared. Vote early, often and wisely, as the winner will receive electronic kisses from the Ladies. A coveted prize, indeed!

LadyMet is also embarassed to have realized that one of her favorite Met blogs (written by a woman, natch) never made it onto the blogroll here. We have corrected this terrible oversight, so go over to My Summer Family and give Coop a visit.

Last but not least, LadyMet is all-a-Twitter! How exciting! OK, maybe not, but follow her if you choose, the link is over there ->

Let's Wrap Up The Week, Shall We?

Not a good week to be a Mets pitcher, eh? The gangstas say good-bye to Duaner "Wild Thing" Sanchez, and thanks for half a good year, back in 2006. Lady G is sad.

Tim Redding, candidate #289 for the fifth starter's spot, is DL'd after pitching like my mother does. He is now participating in one of Mets fan's favorite pastimes, disputing Omar.

Bullpen candidate Tom Martin broke his wrist falling down the stairs in his home. The hog head he brought to camp is sad.

The Mets have a minor league pitcher named Rocky Cherry. This takes the Ladies' lewd mind places it really shouldn't go.

The fifth starter's position is being determined by playing a game of hot potato.

The Netherlands honkballers eliminated the Dominican Republic from the WBC. Jose and Fernando (The Stars Were Bright) Tatis are back in camp! Hopefully Jose is avoiding any and all elderly pasty-white female retirees.

Jimmy Rollins and Jonathan Papelbon are like the Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck of MLB - neither one ever shuts up. Gives us bloggers something to talk about, though.

Our fav Johnny Maine has been less than lights out so far, but at least he doesn't have to be put on suicide watch after today's game. Lady G is continuing to send her love and positive thoughts your way, Johnny.

Team USA vs. PR - Are you kidding me? Chipper, where'd your bat go? Oh, Carlos Beltran found it. And used it to bash USA over the head! Memo to Team USA - remember Little League? The mercy rule? Yeah, it applies here too.

Wonder where all the gossip has gone? The gossip boards are growing moss.

Kisses till next time...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Johan!

Here's Your Love List:

September 27, 2008. "Gimme the damn ball, Jerry!" Never told anyone he had a bum knee, pitched a Cy-worthy complete game to postpone the end of the season.

Father of two girls, Jasmily and Jasmine

Greeted by the Mets with a video of Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfield, Chris Rock. Also appearing - David Wright, in person, in a suit!

Put an end to the spring training BS of "he's hurt, no he's not - Gimme the damn ball, Jerry!"

Golfs with his fellow rotation buddies - apparently badly

Has taken Oliver Perez under his wing (thank God!)

So happy birthday,Johan. Thank you for gracing us with your pitching prowess! No pressure or anything, but we need 24 wins from you this year...


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Team USA

The Ladies admit to having become quite taken with Team USA. They all look like they're having so much fun, getting along like a Boy Scout troop on a camping trip. A couple of things have come to our attention; maybe our alert readers can back up our observations:

Did David Wright and/or the Mets do something personally to piss off ESPN announcer Rick Sutcliff? We realize you are jealous that you are no longer pitching in the bigs, but what's with the love for EVERY player on the team except DWright? Is he too handsome for you? We haven't seen such biased announcing since Al Leiter joined up with YES.

For those of you in Milwalkee - what's with Ryan Braun's tongue? We are intrigued. Watch him next game, and tell us what you think, Ladies.

With last night's win over Venezuela, Team USA has a few days off, to further the bonding process. The Ladies predict lots of shaving-cream jokes and giggling over who has bedded the most models/actresses (we're putting our money on Jeter)

Chipper is hurt. We're shocked. This gives DWright and his gold glove third base for the foreseeable future. Not to mention his 3 for 5 from Sunday night, right, Rick? You knuckle-dragging meat.

Get well soon, Jerry!

Later, gangstas.

Take Note!

Our friend, the honorary Lady on the Field Danielle, over at The Wright Stuff, has moved her site of awesome shirts and merchandise here. Give her a visit, and keep in mind Danielle donates the profits from her sales to the David Wright Foundation, cause she's a good egg.

The Ladies would like to give a big gangsta kiss to our site visitors from Toronto, is it cold up there? Hope you have someone keeping you warm - if not, remember, we're always here for you. Cause we're good eggs too!

Kisses, gangstas!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girl, Interrupted

The ladies send their sympathies over to Randy at Talk-Sports. If there was ever a reason for spiking the country's water supply with Lithium, the David Wright board over there is it.

Hang in there, Randy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Where, Oh Where Have Our Metsies Gone?

And it was all going so well...Spring Training was in full swing, our boys were slowly getting in their cuts, pitches and hunting practice, and then - they're gone. Just like that. Port St Lucie is left with a motley assortment of prospects, career minor leaguers and Bob, the groundskeeper. Not to mention those on the big league roster too injured or small-time for the WBC, such as Johan (much to the chagrin of Hugo Chavez), Ryan Church, Brian Schneider and our resident expert in self-flagellation, Metallica John Maine.

This means the Ladies' attention is split. Do we focus our attention on the gangstas left in Jerry's camp? Or do we hunt down our boys on their various teams, to make sure they are not being unduly influenced by consorting with the enemy (Jose, stay FAR away from Tejada and Ramirez, OK?) Let's check in quickly with our travelers, then pop back in to PSL.

Team USA is having a love-fest. David Wright loves Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones loves David Wright. Even Jimmy Rollins and David Wright have buried the hatchet, at least for now, although Jeter better stay alert in the locker room. We wouldn't put it past Rollins to plant a smoke bomb in Wright's locker. Even David Letterman gets in on the romance, having the team read Thursday's Top Ten List. The Ladies are only mildly interested in the WBC; it is competitive baseball to watch but ehh...all we can say is if USA cannot beat Canada, don't come home (well, send DWright and J.J. home, the rest of you stay up there with the grizzlys)

Team DR with Jose and a couple of ex-Mets - Pedro (remember him?) and Moises Alou. The kissy-face with A-Rod and Jose is over, as A-Rod is out with an injury, and manager Felipe Alou has already screwed up, using Hanley Ramirez at SS instead of Jose in today's game against the Netherlands. The Marlin (a team known for their defense - not!) made an error in the first inning that allowed two runs, which were the deciding runs in DR's LOSS to the Dutch today. Yes, I said LOSS. The WBC world is rocked!

Now to the PR team with our Carloses, among others. Take care, boys, don't get hurt, we need you this year. And look after Alex Cora, our newest infielder, as we will need his glove when the inevitable Slappy McSlapperton injury occurs. Don't feel bad if you don't make it to the finals vs USA as we would hate to see the Mets' core playing each other.

Team Mexico - with Ollie - please lose early and often. Johan has more mentoring work to do with Ollie, and we need them back together in PSL.

Speaking of PSL, Johan's throwing schedule is back on track, and he is determined to open the season in Cinncinati, as befits an ace. Let him, Jerry. Please.
A word to Johnny Maine. Relax, dude. You'll be fine.
Injuries recently reported can be found here. Add Mike Pelfrey to the list, with a muscle strain. Wrap yourselves in bubble wrap, guys. As a matter of fact, the Ladies volunteer to fly down there and help with that process. A sacrifice, sure, but we're willing.

There is probably much more to report on, but LadyMet is exhausted by all the baseball after so many long, barren months. And since our spring training regimen consists of sitting in front of the computer reading Metsblog and eating peanuts, we're still a little out of shape.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Road Trip!

David Wright: 100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer...

J.J. Putz: Oh God! How long is the ride to Clearwater?

DW: Three hours. C'mon, sing along! 99 bottles of beer on the wall...

J.J.: Where's my rifle?

Seriously, this is the ride that carried J.J. Putz and David Wright to Clearwater for Team USA, to start the WBC. I hope they remembered the corsages for their dates.

Fifteen of our gangstas are now scattered throughout Florida and beyond, preparing for WBC action. The Ladies would like to remind you guys of one thing: The METS pay your salaries! So don't do anything stupid that will get you hurt, like, you know, sliding. Or throwing hard. Or running, for that matter.

Recent spring training action has been a stew of good news, bad news. Which goes without saying, as that is the motto for Mets fans. Some highlights and lowlights:

Johan is hurt! No, he's not! Yes he is! No, he's not!

Metsblog's Matt Cerrone makes like Katie Couric and interviews everyone in sight.

Brian Schneider hits a grand slam. Yes, you read that right. Mets beat Houston, 13-1. Nice.

The Mets signed their 1,056th pitcher this year: Former Yankee Ron Villone.

Speaking of interviews, the lovely Zoe over at Pick Me Up Some Mets has some great TV moments from this week, as John Maine interviews Kevin Burkhart and Keith's moustache legend grows.

The Ladies must go now and dig out from under the 12 feet of snow that has fallen lately. Enjoy the sunshine, gangstas!

Kisses for now!

Evil Has Come To The Kingdom

Wormtongue aka Mike Francesa

Culture: human

Devious servant of the wizard Steinbrenner, Wormtongue was an advisor and confidant to King George of Tampa. Wormtongue used his influence on the weakened king to manipulate the New York City sports media to his true master’s purposes. Mad Dog revived King George from his magic induced coma in Yankee Stadium. Wormtongue was cast out of Tampa and fled to Port St. Lucie.

and the people of Port St. Lucie barely survived the experience before Prince Omar* of Rohan came and banished Wormtongue forever

Good riddance, you evil demon-lover!
*Actually, Prince Omar simply sucked up to Wormtongue so badly Wormtongue developed diabetes and needed to leave for medical attention...