Friday, November 13, 2009

The Curse of Ed Hardy

Putz, Maine, Wright - all spent significant time on the DL

Pelfrey - Sophomore season less than stellar

Reed - Got less playing time than trainer Ray Ramirez

Coincidence? You decide.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goodbye, '09, Goodbye...

It has finally come. The day when I am able to slam the door on '09. Put it behind me, lock away the pain, only to taken out the first time in '10 I hear those dreaded words, "15 day DL" (God and Kiner willing, they will be uttered infrequently next year).
What? You mean everyone else already has moved on? Hot Stove action already begun? OK, so sue me for being psychologically behind the times. The grief process takes longer for some than others.

In any case, I have helped this process along by thinking back to the good times of '09. Yes, there were some. Let's revisit a few, shall we?

Walking into Citifield for the first time (good one, @ms_tinamarie)

Seeing Frenchy's smile - the pure joy of playing the game written all over his face.

One word: Metstradamus

Johan's proclamations about his gender (I'm a man!!)

Luis Castillo's OBP. I can't believe it either, but the numbers don't lie. Nice comeback, Luis.

Press conferences. C'mon, admit it, they were entertaining. You never knew who was next to be thrown under the bus!

The opportunity to get to know Ray Ramirez and Dr. David Altchek on a more intimate basis

The hyper-activity of the Mets twittersphere during a winning streak - especially @Coopz22 and @ohmurph at their finest.

Leaving work at 9pm and realizing Howie and Wayne are on the radio to keep me company on the way home

Shake Shack!

And finally...the knowledge that the season would not last forever, no matter how much it seems like it at times.

What are your favorite memories?


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do I Smell Gossip?

During these quiet baseball days (I continue to live in denial about the Yankees, preferring instead to cheer the demise of the Phillies) I, and other bloggers also,apparently, have noticed a spike in David Wright-related blog traffic. Since I am too lazy/busy/disinterested to do any digging on my own, I will throw out this challenge to our dear readers: Is there something going on us bloggers have missed? Let us know, and do your gossip duty. No tidbit is too small. While you all are frantically searching for jucy stuff to share, I will be preparing a new post, and won't take any easy shortcuts (like asking readers to do all the work). Promise.