Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

Whenever Fernando Tatis is in the lineup (just our perception - but the clutch numbers from last year appear to confirm this)

The box frites at Citifield, despite the $5.25 price tag

Seats in the Ebbets Club field section (private bathrooms!)

The pictures of Mets yearbooks from the past that line the walls in the VIP section entrance (yeah, we know, but it's a once-a-year occurence that we can use it)

The Bad:

Being surrounded by corporate types who only care about drinking beer and checking their Blackberrys

David Wright getting booed. Let us explain. Mr. LadyMet and I moaned, groaned and cursed at every stikeout, DP ball and fielding error yesterday. We, however, simply cannot boo a member of our beloved team. It just feels wrong. Like telling your child he/she stinks at Candyland. Do you not want said player to do well? Wish to contribute to the pressure sitting squarely on the shoulders of a 26 year-old who, by all accounts, works harder than anyone at improving his game? Then you are not rooting for your team. Rather, you are venting your own personal psychological shit onto the Mets. In that case, proceed directly to the nearest therapists' couch. Or to Citizen's Bank Park, just down the turnpike. Desperate times call for desperate measures; let's try a little positive reinforcement.

J.J.'s pitching yesterday. It happens.

The Ugly:

Team RISP numbers.

Team ERA (outside of Johan, of course)

The feeling we cannot shake that the division will not be ours this year.

Anybody got anything more to add to the "good" list? We're listening. Please. The warm glow from the box frites isn't gonna last long if we keep losing.

Here's hoping Jerry's kicking some serious ass on the bus down the Philly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How's That Bridge Looking?

So Jerry says the other day he's not on the bridge yet, but he's on the ramp, and if he goes, he's taking some people with him. Personally, we nominate Ollie first, along with a host of others.

Yes, it's still April. However, this team looks like it's the dog days of August, and that they've played through a hurricane and come out battered and beaten. There really isn't much else to say; right now, our beloved gangstas suck. How depressing. There isn't even any good gossip to keep us going.


No kisses today, we're too down.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sign Of Masochism

As the Mets floundered and fumbled their way into a sweep by the Cards this week, LadyMet got to thinking about that old theory that being a Mets fan is a sign of a masochistic personality. This theory has even penetrated Hollywood, as evidenced by a line in one of LadyMets' favorite shows, HBO's In Treatment. Paul, the therapist in the show, is discussing his kids, and says of his son, "He is a Mets fan, which can be an early sign of masochism". Now keep in mind the executive producer of this show is none other than Mark Wahlberg, a noted Red Sox fan. So make of that what you will.

Other thoughts today, before we leave you to commence your weekend activities (which hopefully include lots of beer and Mets wins):

Coop is so right about David Wright. He needs to stop having sex, and concentrate on hitting. Ladies, you'll just have to suffer for a while.

Luis Castillo needs to play every day. Yes, those words were just uttered by a Mets fan. Go figure.

The rotation needs to be taken into the bowels of the beautiful new Citifield by Johan, and given a good ass-whuppin.

David Ortiz earns his "Big Papi" nickname. Stand down, skankee!

Here's hoping Monday will bring us a .500 record!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, the Pain...

Just one thought for today, gangstas. I will be watching tonite's game with my eyes closed. How is that possible? Exactly. The Mets do not deserve my undivided attention right now, they must win it back.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ultimate Mets Shopping Guide

As promised, the Ladies offer you this guide to the best, most outrageous, thought-provoking Mets gear available. So get out your credit cards, gangstas, and shop till you drop!
The shirt pictured above - an all-time classic - is courtesy of Mets Merized Online and is only one of a large collection of thoughtful and inventive shirts.

Our friend, the lovely Danielle at The Wright Stuff, has some amazing shirts, such as those above. She has created a line of original T's, for men and women, with some truly inspired slogans and designs. In addition to the above offerings, see here for much more. Not that we're biased or anything, but our fav is the "Ladies on the Field" T, with a "Gangstas on the Bus" T to go with it. Note that proceeds are donated to the David Wright Foundation.

Above we have two awesome shirts from Gary, Keith & Ron, where proceeds go to our fav announcers' charities. Hop over to the site, they feature mugs, bumper stickers and more.

Not to be outdone, the guys over at the Wright Stache, who continue to fight the good fight, have an excellent T (and cheap! $12.50) to go along with their funny and entertaining blog.

For those of you who are in Citifield denial, No Mas has a T that proclaims "I'm Calling It Shea"

LadyMet's hubby, Mr. LadyMet, proudly wears his Faith and Fear in Flushing "numbers" T

Have fun spending your Mets money, and let us know if there's any other cool stuff out there we've missed.


JUST ADDED! Murphendise!

Oh Murph! a new site dedicated to our fumbling, earnest, hardworking leftfielder (and the hottest Met - DWright has not won the title back yet) has a shop with some great T's and and hat (our favorite - Moms for Murph)
Good work, guys.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So This Is Why The Brewers Won Yesterday!

Whew! For a minute there, we were sure it was the 17 men the Mets left on base. Glad we were wrong.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mets Merchandise Wanted!

As you faithful readers know, nothing makes the Ladies happier than spending money on cool Mets gear (except maybe a win now and then). We had caught Alyssa Milano on SNY the other day, as she was promoting her flagship women's baseball apparel store, Touch, at Citifield. Seeing the great designs in baseball wear, made for women (and nary a pink hat in sight) made us think about all the great stuff already out there for the discerning Mets fan. You know what we mean, the ingenious T-shirts that mean nothing to the average Joe on the street but that an avid Mets fan will immediately recognize (often created by bloggers - see here for a prime example).

We are looking to create a comprehensive guide to assist you, dear shopper, by putting all these great items in one place, being scattered as they currently are amongst various sites and blogs. Send your favorites, with links and pics, to, and we will feature it in the guide.

We will also be visiting Alyssa's boutique tomorrow during our first-ever Citifield jaunt, and will post a review this weekend.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures From Las Vegas Nite

A very kind reader sent the Ladies her pictures from the David Wright Foundation's Las Vegas Nite, held last June. Now, you all know the Ladies are still mad at David for his refusal to do the stache, but we cannot deny the good works of the Foundation, and the many personal accounts of David's kindness, generosity and willingness to mingle with the little people. We feel we may have short-changed the Foundation, so here you go:

The David Wright Foundation focuses on assisting children in need, both in David's hometown of Virginia and here in NYC. For information on how to help, see their website:

Thanks to Wendy for sharing, and welcome to those from Talk-Sports, here to see the pics. A true Lady you are!
To see a personal account of the DWF Gala from last November, see Danielle's site here. Umm, Danielle? Need an escort for next year? Maybe a driver? LadyMet is here for you...

Kisses, and Let's go Mets!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

J.J. Putz Gets A Love List - the man signing my check is short enough that I can squash him like a bug!

(Bear with the Ladies as we ignore our Mets' slow start - we find that denial can be a very comforting place to be)

You knew it was coming...this means, of course, he is officially a Met in our hearts! (Don't laugh, it's not automatic, you know. You have to earn this kind of love)

Any player who can render WFAN's Mike Francesa sputtering and speechless (you DARE to tease the Pope?) is worthy of our adoration.

An incurable practical joker, uses all the classics - pie in the face, shaving cream, etc. Managed to get Kevin Burkhart on-air with a pie.

Doesn't care when people mispronounce his name. (For the record, it's puts)

Allows his wife to pick the name of their new son (she ended up with Joseph) What a family man!

Played in the WBC like it was the World Series - a complete competitor

Happily took on the set-up role; just wants to win!

Has a blog dedicated solely to him. Note the hunting videos.

When he puts men on base before finally ending the inning, he is merely giving Mets fans some cardio exercise. It's a public service, not lack of skill.

So, kisses to you, J.J.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There Are Many Pancake Houses In Virginia

A few thoughts as the LadyMet family reacclimates itself to the North. Baseball talk to resume soon!

Fredericksburg, VA, where John Maine grew up, is about 150 miles north of Chesapeake, where David Wright grew up.

Relatedly, high school seniors from DW's alma mater, Hickory High, spent their Senior Day at Busch. Many Hickory t-shirts to be seen.

Some people in Virginia have accents, some don't. Why?

Watching game updates on CBS Sports' website via Blackberry sucks. Especially while sitting in a movie theater watching Hannah Montana with the kids.

Why do WFANs' Evan Roberts and Joe Beninigo hate everything? Is Citifield that bad?

Little minigangsta did not like Busch Gardens, while 13 yr-old Lady-in-training did. Sick coasters, though.

LadyMet just turned down box seats for Friday's Yankee game, she has no interest. Is she wrong?

Ron Darling's book The Complete Game, read aloud to Mr. LadyMet, kept him awake during the drive home.

Back soon, Ladies...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Down, 161 To Go...

Highly original, that title...

A quickie today; pre-vacation, post-opening day, as the LadyMet family prepares to drive to VA for Busch Gardens. Yes, people, this is what you do when you have kids. Anyway, some thoughts:

Daniel Murphy. You are quickly proving the Ladies prescient in their adoration of you. Note to Reds broadcasters: it's Daniel, not Dennis. Someday, when he's in the Hall, you are going to be embarrassed by that mistake.

Gary Sheffield likes David Wright more than Jimmy Rollins.

Ryan Church is not giving up right field without a fight.

As a sign of respect, and a gift following his first official save as a Met, we will henceforth refer to K-Rod as Frankie, as he prefers. At least until he blows a few.

Danielle at The Wright Stuff has written a kick-ass guide to Citifield. Read it and you're good to go.

Johan. Our love grows stronger every day.

Hey, offense? This is what hitting with RISP looks like: 5-1 Mets over Reds. This is what it looks like without it: 2-1, Mets over Reds. We'll take the win, don't get us wrong. But let's not fall back into bad habits, OK?

Was it just us, or did Brett Myers' head look like it was going to pop like one of David Wright's bubbles during that loss Sunday nite?

Off days following opening day suck. Wonder what the gangstas are doing in Cincinnati today? Any ideas? What do people do in Cincinnati, anyway?

Comments section is open for business, give us your thoughts on these, and any other pressing topics you may have...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

This Is David Wright's Girlfriend - Or Is It? Some Pre-Opening Day Gossip

Yes, we know, conventional gossip says the lovely woman in the picture above is Molly Beers, David Wright's girlfriend. Model, of course. Very skinny model. Wearing a very expensive dress, natch.

But we digress. There have been rumblings for some years now, even before the world knew about Ms. Beers, about a schoolteacher that David was supposed to be quite taken with. Now, if you alert readers have been keeping up with the gossip boards, you know who I am talking about. She has been named on those boards, but will not be here. These rumors died out somewhat post-Molly pics, but have resurfaced of late, most noticably in LadyMet's mailbox.

Now, LadyMet would not have brought this up if she were not convinced there was something to this story. So, after careful investigation, we present it to you, dear readers, for your consideration. The Ladies invite you to share your thoughts/experiences/knowledge of this very important topic with the rest of the blogosphere. Or at least with LadyMet's mailbox, which is open for business.

Keep in mind that we are still angry at David over the mustache refusal, and this only adds fuel to the fire. Who the girlfriend is, we don't even care. But would it kill you, David, to be honest the next time a reporter asks you if you are single? Instead of dancing around the subject? You've had your opportunities, and the replies are sounding a bit disingenuous. Let's try this on for size:

Reporter: Is David Wright single?

David: Well, I'm not married, but I am in a relationship. Baseball, however, still comes first. My girlfriend understands this.

There! Wasn't that easy? You don't have to name her. Unless she is looking for more publicity, of course. Don't worry, your image will not take a hit. It is, after all, the honest thing to do.


Pictures Of Our Favorite Gangstas

On the eve of our opening day, the Ladies thought we'd share some incredible pictures taken of our boys specifically for SNY's on-screen promos and intros (yes, that's Daniel Murphy you're looking at - jealous, David? Then grow the damn stache already, and we'll forgive you!).

Take a look here, and weep for joy. And if anyone can get the commercial website here to open, let us know. There are more pics to be seen there, but all three of LadyMet's computers are rebelling against it.

Anyway, Michael and Jane, whoever you are, great job. Need an assistant for next year's session? We're available.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ten Reasons Why The Phillies Won't Repeat This Year

While the Ladies work on our anger over David Wright's snub of fans and females (not to mention that he personally called Gary Sheffield to convince him to come to the Mets - THANKS A LOT, DAVID) we thought we'd aim some of this righteous bitterness towards the philthies, now that the WBC is over and it is safe to hate them again. Following are ten reasons why they will come in a distant second this year - if they can get past the Braves, that is:

10. The wrong Manuel won last year, karma dictates that this will be corrected and balance once again restored to the universe.

9. Three words: Chan Ho Park.

8. Jaime Moyer is old. Really old. We can fully expect his arm to be ripped off by the wind during his first start at Citifield this year.

7. J.C. Romero. Out for the first 50 games. "No, I didn't take that stuff! OK, maybe I did, but I didn't know it was aganist that rules! OK, maybe I knew, but the union told me it was OK! Well, maybe they didn't..."

6. Brad Lidge? LadyMet's hubby has him on his fantasy team, therefore he will suck. She is trying to encourage hubby not to trade him for this very reason.

5. Chase Utley has a surgically repaired hip. Now, we are not ones to wish ill health on anyone,'s Chase Utley, for chrissakes.

4. The Flyin' Hawaiian? Gimme a break. You can't come up with a better nickname than that? What are you, 9 years old?

3. Payback for the WBC dogpile where Rollins and Victorino got their shots in to David Wright.

2. Not all rednecks are wife-beating, intolerant, filthy-mouthed knuckle-draggers -see Putz, J.J. Some are - see Myers, Brett. The Ladies predict that all this hatred and self-righteous indignation will explode out of Myers' philthy head this year, causing him to finally go postal and landing him in prison, where he can watch his team complete their second place finish on TV, provided he exhibits good behavior.

1. Arrogance, thy names are Hamels and Rollins
Self-esteem is important for optimal functioning in life, right? Too much is called hubris. And hubris leads to carelessness and laziness. Hence, while Hamels is busy shooting SI covers while his reality-starlet wife soaks in the reflected glory (I guess one season of Survivor only gets you so far, huh?) and Rollins is busy planning his Playboy shoot with girlfriend, the Mets will be leaving them in the dust.

Please keep in mind that if none of this comes to fruition, The Ladies will delete this post and pretend it never existed.

Kisses, Gangstas! Safe trip to Cincy! Say hello to Metsgrrl while you're there!

David Wright Gets Punished

David Wright has let the Ladies down. He has insulted friends of ours, and this is something you simply do not want to do. We have been keeping you, dear readers, abreast of the movement to encourage DW to grow a mustache, as we have nothing but admiration for the lovely guys who began it all, and their willingness to put their own hair follicles on the line for a world championship. Their selfless dedication to the cause has taken them from computer screen to interviews with Mets Weekly and Ron Kuby (quite a combination, there).

Well, earlier this week, David was informed of this movement and was amused. No thought to those who work so hard; no thanks for the time, effort and research that has exposed these men to the dangers of looking at staches like this in an effort to bolster their cause. Not to mention, of course, the sacrifice that 58% of you, dear Ladies, have made to allow that adorable, boyish face to be obscured by a stache. All in the name of a championship.

Now David, have you not said, over and over, that you are a team player, willing to do whatever it takes for wins? Then why, oh why, do you so easily throw in the towel here?

"I don't think I could grow one, even if I wanted to"
What happened to that single-minded dedication to the game? To your team? The fans? To staches everywhere?

We are disappointed, David. So much so that we hereby declare Daniel Murphy to be our new resident non-pitching team hottie.

Win back our love and respect, David. Grow the stache.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Breaking News: Jennifer Aniston Wants David Wright

Move over, Molly Beers.
It seems former Friends star, former wife of Brad Pitt, former flame of John Mayer...(well, you get the idea) has set her sights on our beloved David. Although, in LadyMet's eyes, he is not quite so beloved anymore, but more on that tomorrow. Anyway, the Ladies shutter at the friction this may cause in the Mets clubhouse this year, as it is well-known that our emo-ridden righty, John Maine, has had a crush on Ms. Aniston for years. Bad enough that the Mets are seriously considering bringing Gary Sheffield aboard, now we have to worry about a smack-down between two of our brightest stars over a woman? John needs to be handled with kid gloves, people, he is a major key to a successful rotation this year. So will someone please contact Ms. Aniston and tell her to stay far, far away from the Met's clubhouse?
Molly, will you make the call? We thought you would.


P.S. Thanks to Honorary Lady Danielle @ for the LadyMet's daughter would say, you rock, girl!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back On The Bus, Gangstas!

It's time! Last boarding call for New York, all gangstas please form an orderly line while we take attendance:

Santana! Hello there, sir. Please board first, and sit wherever you like. Is that Ollie in your back pocket? Great, and thank you for supervising him.

Wright? There you are. Do you have your stache? Not yet? If you need help getting it started, please see here. And please leave behind Jimmy Rollins' phone number, you are back to being bitter enemies. No singing on the bus this time, David. It annoys the pitchers.

J.J.? OK, I see you. Pack your baby powder? Check. Shaving cream? Check. Who's that behind you? Jeremy Reed and Sean Green? Oh, sorry, forgot about them. You do cast a pretty big shadow, J.J. OK, on the bus.

Reyes? OK. Do you have your enthusiasm? Good. Celebration handshakes? Great. Leave behind the "special" cell phones, Jose, we're determined to keep you out of trouble this year.

Delgado? Yes. Did you bring your post-July 08 bat? No, not the pre-July 08 one. Burn that one.

Beltran? Hi. Do you have your key to the season? The one from Coop? Don't forget to carry it with you everywhere you go, just as a reminder.

Church? Got your smelling salts? Good. Remember to avoid knees. All knees. Knees to head = bad news, got it?

Castillo? I see you hiding in the back! Did you remember to pack your on base-percentage? No? Go back and get it! We'll wait.

Schneider: Got your camera to take pictures of more birthday parties? Good. Oh, and don't forget Ramon Castro.

Murphy? OK, I see you. No need to jump up and down. Did you pack Nick Evans? Good. Don't forget, he has to go to Buffalo soon, so don't torture him too much. Oh, you also have your Lord of the Rings movies? Great, we'll watch them on the bus.

Maine? Stop poking Pelfrey, please. Did you remember your new mechanics? Good. Lady G's counting on you this year, don't let her down.

Pelfrey! Did you remember your helmet? Great. And your new sinker? Terrific. OK, be careful boarding the bus, please. Maybe you should put your helmet on now, before you attempt the steps.

Livan? Hi. Did you bring your World Series ring? Good. Show it off, display it prominently, make the team want one of their own. Oh, is that the new SI issue? No, we don't want that bad mojo on the bus. Throw it out.

And closing out the line...K-Rod? Hi. You might want to lose that chip on your shoulder, dude. It will be nothing but trouble for you in NY. Just ask A-Rod next time you see him, he'll tell you.

OK, Jerry, gang's all your thing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


LadyMet would like to apologize for the lame post that precedes this one...her 13 yr-old alter ego once again slipped the bounds of adulthood and came out to play for April Fool's Day...we are sorry for any eye-rolling, squealing, and/or heart attacks this may have caused. She is now in a time out.


From the Orlando-Dispatch, March 31

NY Mets Star David Wright apparently tied the knot last night in a quickie ceremony in Jupiter, Florida. The All-Star has apparently been dating his new bride for "many" years, and has managed to keep her out of the public eye. Friends say the couple grew tired of the need for secrecy, and decided to "go ahead and live their life", according to Wright's close friend Dave Racaniello. Wright's wife, who has not been identified as yet, is apparently planning a reception to be held later this summer in NY, where the couple will live.
Molly Beers, the model Wright had been publicly linked to last year, is said to be "devastated", as she did not realize she was being used as a "cover" by the couple, to maintain their privacy.

reported by by Heather Homer