Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Place, Suckas

Seriously?? I haven't posted in a month?? Missed out on all the spring training goodies...meeting our new lovelies...opening day. Where the f$%k have I been??

Answer: Old job: Spent many hours at desk, in front of computer, avoiding work, clients and boss by reading & blogging about Mets.

New job: None of the above. Not only do I love new job but I spend literally every work hour with clients. No computer, in fact I don't even have one. Not necessary in my line of work. Rest assured, though, that I have written no fewer than 10 blog posts in the past month in my head, so it's not like I wasn't thinking of you all.

So there you have it. Will you ever forgive me for having neglected you all so horribly? More importantly, will the Mets??

A few things I will throw out there for your perusal before I slink shame-faced into the night (and mentally write my next post):

Henry Blanco has a mullet. Business in the front (facing pitchers,) party in the back (facing ump)!

At first glance, Jason Bay has weird, crazy-type eyes. On second glance, now that he's hitting I don't really care.

Francessa, as of today, is on the Mets bandwagon. He needs to get off before he tips the whole thing over.

David Wright has a scratch on his face, left of nose. Anyone else see it?

And OH YEAH!!!! We're in first place, gangstas!!!!!!!!!!!!

I continue to adore Twitter and have multiple accounts for my multiple personalities. So you can catch me there, from time to time.

Our old friend Lady G reached out to say hello with some links to share. Will post another time, as you've seen them before, so there's no rush.

Catch you soon. Kisses!!!