Friday, November 13, 2009

The Curse of Ed Hardy

Putz, Maine, Wright - all spent significant time on the DL

Pelfrey - Sophomore season less than stellar

Reed - Got less playing time than trainer Ray Ramirez

Coincidence? You decide.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goodbye, '09, Goodbye...

It has finally come. The day when I am able to slam the door on '09. Put it behind me, lock away the pain, only to taken out the first time in '10 I hear those dreaded words, "15 day DL" (God and Kiner willing, they will be uttered infrequently next year).
What? You mean everyone else already has moved on? Hot Stove action already begun? OK, so sue me for being psychologically behind the times. The grief process takes longer for some than others.

In any case, I have helped this process along by thinking back to the good times of '09. Yes, there were some. Let's revisit a few, shall we?

Walking into Citifield for the first time (good one, @ms_tinamarie)

Seeing Frenchy's smile - the pure joy of playing the game written all over his face.

One word: Metstradamus

Johan's proclamations about his gender (I'm a man!!)

Luis Castillo's OBP. I can't believe it either, but the numbers don't lie. Nice comeback, Luis.

Press conferences. C'mon, admit it, they were entertaining. You never knew who was next to be thrown under the bus!

The opportunity to get to know Ray Ramirez and Dr. David Altchek on a more intimate basis

The hyper-activity of the Mets twittersphere during a winning streak - especially @Coopz22 and @ohmurph at their finest.

Leaving work at 9pm and realizing Howie and Wayne are on the radio to keep me company on the way home

Shake Shack!

And finally...the knowledge that the season would not last forever, no matter how much it seems like it at times.

What are your favorite memories?


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do I Smell Gossip?

During these quiet baseball days (I continue to live in denial about the Yankees, preferring instead to cheer the demise of the Phillies) I, and other bloggers also,apparently, have noticed a spike in David Wright-related blog traffic. Since I am too lazy/busy/disinterested to do any digging on my own, I will throw out this challenge to our dear readers: Is there something going on us bloggers have missed? Let us know, and do your gossip duty. No tidbit is too small. While you all are frantically searching for jucy stuff to share, I will be preparing a new post, and won't take any easy shortcuts (like asking readers to do all the work). Promise.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

And the Winner is...


(courtesy of, random number 1)

Congrats, sweetie. Watch your e-mail for details.

Kisses to all who participated!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello, my fellow Mets sweeties! How's the post-season treating you? Are you hoping the Phillies get lost on the way to CBP and forfeit the game like I am? Cause that seems to be the only way they're gonna lose, the bastards. Assuming there's gonna be a Phillies/Yankees WS, who do you root for? Or do you do what some tweeters suggested and focus on football? Maybe crawl under the covers and sleep till it's over? That's what I'm planning on doing, anyway.

So enough about the post-season blues. Let's focus on our beloved boys in blue-and-orange. The pitiful season is over, and we can go back to being fans without the daily beat-downs we were receiving at the hands of teams like the Nats. So to celebrate the end of the injury-plagued, drama-filled, press-conferenced season, I feel a reward is in order. How about we play the ever-popular, frou-frou giveaway game?

Here's what you'll get:

A lovely Mets short sleeve t-shirt, size men's XL

A blue Mets winter knit hat, to keep your head toasty warm this winter

A Mr Met car magnet. He is lonely, and wants to be on your car

A Mets logo button, which lights up!

Here's how it works: Leave your (screen)name and e-mail address in the comments section (just once, please!). The winner will be chosen at random using some sort of randomization program that exists somewhere on the Net. Deadline is this Friday, October 23.

Good luck, and kisses!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wright Brothers

Thanks to our dear friend Lady G, who is apparently paying way more attention to Mets bits and pieces than I am, we bring you today a clip of the Wright brothers - all four of them - having fun at the All-Star festivities this past July. Check this out, and pay your respects to dear Mrs Wright, who raised this bunch and lived to tell the tale:

So glad you had fun, boys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ah, the Memories...

Two things occurred today that took me on a trip down Mets memory lane, so of course I had to share! The story begins in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, January, 2008...

(LadyMet calls Mr L, on someone else's international cell plan): Hey babe! Did you hear the news? Isn't it amazing?

Mr L:: What are you talking about?

LadyMet: The Mets signed Johan Santana!!!

Mr L: WHAT????

LadyMet: How do you not know this??!! I knew, and I'm in a third world country!!!

Mr L: I haven't recovered yet from September, and can't bear to follow the Mets yet!

LadyMet: Well, you better start, cause Omar's been busy...

Mr L: Oh man, I think a trip to Miami is in order for Opening Day! By the way, what are you doing in Nicaragua?

LadyMet: Never mind that, just book a trip!

Fast forward to March 30, some miracle, Mr L and I were able to find babysitters for the weekend, and a discounted government rate at one of Hollywood, Florida's best resorts.

Mr L enters the room, all excited: The Mets are staying here! I just saw Johan! I was so excited on the way up here, I told the guy in the elevator! Come to think of it, he looked familiar...

LadyMet: Well, who was it?

Mr L:'s coming to me...I think it was the guy who does the on-the-field stuff for SNY...

LadyMet: Great job, babe, you just informed Kevin Burkhart that the Mets are staying here. Good thing, I'm sure he was confused...

Mr L: Sarcasm will not get you a new David Wright jersey this year.

We head down to the lobby, and manage to catch Aaron Heilman running for the front doors (we should've taken him out right then and there)

So the point to this little slice of the LadyMet memory bank is that we were woefully ill-prepared for our Mets weekend, having no idea that we had booked ourselves into their hotel and missing out on all sorts of chances for pictures and the opportunity to wish our team luck. I was reminded of this failure when I saw the new post on our friend Julie's wonderful site, Chicago Mets Fan. Julie took some amazing pictures recently of our boys during the recent road trip to Chicago, because she was prepared, and knew the exit from Wrigley for visiting teams, and you can see them here

There is something to be said for being an alert Mets fan, and Mr L and I will never recover from our grievous lapse in fandom. Good job, Julie!

The second occurence today was Johan's surgery, which, by all accounts, was successful (as was Ollie's, btw) So get well, Johan! Please????


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Great Big Fat Thank You From LadyMet

Since it is so painful lately (pun intended) to be a Mets fan, I thought I would throw out a couple of bits of sunshine to all the faithful readers of this humble little blog.


There, feel better? I will have a more accurate countdown up soon, once my recovery from 2009 is complete (and thanks to the eternally lovely Lady G for the suggestion).

Second bit of sunshine:

Thank you!!!!

This blog will soon reach 20,000 hits (really, only 18,532 are my own, the rest are all you!) and I wanted to send out my love to all of you that have suffered, laughed and cried along with me this season. It is not easy being a Mets fan, and especially not now.

We need to find our Mets joys where we can, hence all the wacky gossipy, sarcastic, innane and occasionally rude posts that appear here. We do truly love our team and all the bits and pieces that come along with, and the hope is that the posts seen here are not taken too seriously.

So big Kisses to all of you, for keeping me company since last December. Hope you'll all stick around some more!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mets Anonymous

Facilitator: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this week's Mets Anonymous support group. Our purpose here is to break the unhealthy, pathological addiction some baseball fans have to the perpetually injured, underachieving NY Mets. For a peek into my own struggle with this addiction, please see here.
I see we have some new members this week, so I'll ask everyone to introduce themselves. Please keep in mind all discussions held here are confidential.

"Hi, I'm Joe, and I'm a...(chokes a little) Mets fan".

Group: Hi Joe!

"Hello, I'm Amy, Joe's wife. I'm also a Mets fan. Joe dragged me into this horrible life, and now I'm lost. My family, Yankee fans all (group boos) won't talk to me anymore, and someone spray painted "loser" across our front door. I can't take much more of this"! (she sobs)

Facilitator: Let's show our support for Joe and Amy, shall we?

Group:(murmurs) We know how you feel...poor dear...burn your jerseys, Joe!

Facilitator: Ok, next? How about you, with the obviously fake moustache?

"Hello, my name is, uh, William, and I was a Mets fan, until a...change in my employment. I am here to tell you, the only way to rid yourself of this insidious addiction is to embrace the Yankee way! (group gasps in horror).

Facilitator: Um..may I remind everyone here that changing your team allegiance does not necessarily work for everyone, and that we support your freedom to choose...excuse me, Joe? One of our rules is that there are no PDAs allowed during group time...

Joe: Well, yeah but...the Mets won! They beat the Padres! Johan pitched brilliantly! C'mon, lets all go to Foley's and catch the post-game!

(chairs are knocked over in the stampede towards the door)

William: Um, guys? Where you going?

P.S. We would like to welcome another member to our blogosphere-of-Mets pain - meet MetsBAllers!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dave Racaniello Love List

Yes, we are going to ignore the whole Omar/Bernazard/Rubin mess. What is there left to say? The Mets blogosphere, an unusually lucid and literate bunch, has done the disaster justice. Instead we give you the long awaited, eagerly anticipated story of our favorite bullpen catcher/David Wright BFF/Nissan-driving "Turtle".

He's literate. Read Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air"

Is exceptionally kind to children seeking souvenirs

In a player's parking lot full of Escalades and Benzes, his Nissan Maxima is always parked next to DW's Audi.

Won the Junior College World Championship

Had back surgery in 2006 to repair a herniated disk

Was the barber in the Mets' 2007 hair-shaving debacle.

Is referred to by DW intimates as "Turtle" or "Moocher", and lived with DW until this past winter.

He is the Mets' "jack of all trades" and a master at being invisible. Also serves as the target for much testerone-fueled teasing and practical jokes.

Works on a yearly contractual basis. Gets paid per game, plus pitcher's tips.

So kudos to Dave Rac, for having the envious job of catching some of the game's greatest pitchers (without the monetary rewards, alas). You're a "Vince" to us!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Calendar

For those of you who are interested in the extremely exciting and eventful lives that the LadyMet family lives, here is a sample from our family calendar for the rest of this month:

July 17 - Family will travel to Lancaster, PA. On drive there, Mr LadyMet and I will dissect all of the Mets' issues. Mr LadyMet will continue to cry about not signing Manny.

July 19 - Drive home from Lancaster. Mr LadyMet and I will cry about this weekends' losses to Braves, all of which wouldn't have happened if we had Manny. Lady-in-training will drown us out with her itouch.

July 22 - I will finally think about writing long-planned post on bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello. Won't do it, but will think about it.

July 23 - Will exult in a Mets win. Will become hopeful again.

July 24 - Will cry when another "core" member goes on the DL. Will lose hope again. Will spend hour with clinical supervisor at work crying over Mets woes. She will consider firing me.

July 26 - Will finally finish long-overdue writing projects that actually pay money. Will blame tardiness on Mets' losses.

July 27 - Will spend one hour explaining difference between player trades and free agency to lady-in-training. She will not care. She will then ask for a ride to the mall.

July 30 - Mr LadyMet and I will have huge argument over Omar's lack of big trades as deadline passes. The Mets will lose another game.

And so it goes...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wags and Publicity

It's official. We've given up on the season. Mr LadyMet and I, while always and forever fans of our beloveds, no longer have any illusions of division titles. Oddly, we're OK with this, as the pressure is now off and we can simply enjoy whatever wins our team can put together (by the way, we are happy to be wrong about this, if it's meant to be).

Now, moving on to more frivolous matters. Tonite at 10:00 ET, the E! True Hollywood Story has an episode devoted to MLB wives. Appearing are, among others, Heidi Strobel Hamels, that retiring, shy type who would NEVER use her husband's fame for her own career enhancement (how could you even think that?). Of more interest to us Metsies followers is a photo article over at Bleacher Report on MLB's hottest Wags of the All-Star game. Note the reference, once again, to Molly Beers as DW's girlfriend. This makes us wonder: When is the lovely, perky, preppy Sam gonna stand up and be counted? It can't be fun, seeing all these references to Molly in the popular press. Obviously, all those close to the two of them, including team employees (and media) know of her and their plans. So why is Molly still front and center?

Just wondering.

P.S. Thanks to the always lovely Wendy for the Bleacher Report tip!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shall We Give Up Already?

What do you think? Are the Mets done for the year? Or is my PTMD flaring up again? I admit to not having time lately to follow our beloveds as closely as I usually do, and the lack of a Citifield fix is not helping my Mets mood, so I throw the question out there to you, lovely readers. Tell me what to think. Can this team win with a double-A lineup? Will we remain in contention long enough to welcome back some of our walking wounded, and make a serious run in August? Can we continue to rely on the Phils to play like little leaguers? Will DW's wedding planning interfere with his ability to throw the ball to first base? (cause it seemed to last nite). So many questions, three more months until the final answer.

Help me out here. I'm confused.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Checking In...

Hi folks. I had fully intended to do a post today about the (admittedly few) good things about our Mets today. I was going to mention Frankie's balls, Carlos' need to be voted in the All-Star game this year, DWright's hot streak, etc.

But I find I don't want to. I am stuck in a morass of bad Mets karma, and all the meditating with Coop's mantra of "But it's the D-Team!" isn't helping (although it's a great one, and so true).

So here I am popping in, saying hello, and seeing how all my gangstas and ladies were doing. Feel free to moan and groan in the comments. Or if there's gossip to be had, fire away. I simply don't have the heart for it just now.

So let's go Mets (she said half-heartedly)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogger Brawl

Now that LOF,GOB has two new, super-dee-duper bloggers on the roster, we thought a semi-regular debate feature would be fun. If you follow the Twitters of ohmurph! and Coop, you have seen these two in action. Quicker wits are not to be found in the land of the tweets. Therefore, I will throw out a topic here on the blog, and let these two battle it out both here and on Twitter.

This week's topic is: The book on Daniel Murphy appears to be out to major league pitchers. Will he be able to make the necessary adjustments to become a big-league hitter? Will Jerry give him a chance to do so?


Kevin McReynolds - Misunderstood Philosopher

Late in 2008, I'd just had it. Had it with baseball, had it with the Mets, had it with my own emotions dictating how my day was going to go based on how the Mets did or did not do.

So I started reaching for the past. And that past included Kevin McReynolds.

For Mets fans, "Big Mac" has some positive and negative associations. For one, he was brought to the Mets in 1987 under questionable circumstances. While there was no question the dude had talent, fan-favorite and tying-run-scorer-of-86-Game-Six Kevin Mitchell was traded FOR him because Frank Cashen thought he was a "cancer" (meanwhile, the two guys he drafted, Doc and Straw, were more so...). That wasn't cool.

In any case, Big Mac always played hard. In 1988, the rumor had it that Kirk Gibson won the NL MVP simply because McReynolds and Strawberry's stellar individual years cancelled out some voting.

Big Mac was not exactly media conscientious, though. He was known for getting in street clothes while the game was still going on, getting fined as a result and heading out of town and not associating with the team other than wearing similar uniforms.

But one thing he said he resonated with Mets fans to this day. When asked about Game 7 of the 1988 NLCS versus the Dodgers, he was asked whether he would be disappointed to go home or be thrilled to be in the World Series.

His answer went something to the effect of: "Either way, I win. If we lose, I go home to Arkansas and hunt. If we win, I get to play in the World Series."

Whether that was true, he should have been saying that before a series the Mets should have EASILY won.

But his philosophy sure has stayed with me.

Like last night's loss. My thinking lately was - how can I lose as a Mets fan?

The D Team is playing. If the D Team wins - w00t! The D Team won!

The D Team loses? What did you expect? It's the D TEAM.

See? Big Mac was right all along. It's a win-win for everyone. Let's drink!

Friday, June 5, 2009

No Way, Jose

I do have to say that the Mets have dodged a bullet, or several for that matter, in the last four or so years, injury-wise. The worst was Pedro Martinez, but he was old and falling apart, and we all knew he wouldn't last a full season, ever (except for 2005, of course).

But now...The worst has happened, ladies and gangstas.

Jose Reyes is out for an extended period of time.

I may have christened Carlos Delgado as a curse. And I still stand by that claim since (besides Duaner Sanchez's cab accident) we can relate everything bad that has happened to the team to him - he's like the swine flu source.

See, LadyMet has called out Mets fans for not having "leadership" or an "edge." Well, I tend to have an edge when I drink. But right now, I am claiming leadership of the Mets and Mets fandom. And I am saying Don't Panic. The worst has happened. Time to go forward and move ahead, like Devo would say.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. By getting ahead, I mean pulling a Steve Phillips circa 2000 when Rey Ordonez went down with an injury and he traded fan fave Melvin Mora for Mike Bordick.

We can source everything bad that happened to that team in the post-season to that deal.

And not to mention, Melvin Mora has sort of a cult-following in Baltimore now, and Mike Bordick all but fell off the face of the earth after the 2000 season.

The lesson learned, Ladies and Gangstas: Don't trade (what's left of) the farm for a momentary fix.

If (and when) Jose Reyes returns this season, it doesn't matter if it's September 20. Carlos Delgado is gone and I don't think we'll see him in a Mets uniform again, and we need to fill his hole with a Carlos Lee-type (who is so undervalued it's ridiculous).

Here's a novel idea: why not work with the new guy Valdez at SS and have Cora spell him for his brain farts? Why not have the team learn from this experience? They seemed to have no learned from collapsing two years in a row, perhaps Beltran and Wright band together with Johan and take this team by the fleshy paunch that used to be their, um, tummies. Yeah that's it.

And by team I also mean Omar Minaya, for refusing to believe that the Mets actually needed a big bat this offseason and just getting overpriced/overworked guys for the bullpen, and the Wilpons, for continuing to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, not a good recipe for a recession.

Otherwise, I think the Mets are wise to just rebuild. Poor Carlos Beltran. He's doing his MVP run with no one else to back him up.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Triathlon That Wasn't

Hello Ladies and Gangstas,

You may know me as the extremely good looking character over at OH MURPH! (shameless plug)

Coop and I have been asked by the very lovely Lady Met to contribute a little bit... and a little bit is what I plan on contributing.

As we all know by now that SNY hosted a viewing of the Mets game last night (rained out) at the Village Pour House. A written agreement was made between Coop and Myself to participate in a Triathlon involving:
Only one problem.... Coop was a no show! I guess she's scared of a little rain.. I don't blame her.. after all, she's just a girl.

Anyway, please look forward to our Triathlon in the very near future as you will all be invited to the venue where it goes down.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladies on the Bus...Ladies on the Bus

Allow myself to introduce....myself.  

Hey all (:waves:).  Coop here.  

You may recognize my name from many endeavors, such as being an online personality on Divas and Dykstraw, my BPPOW column (that is over a month due) on DebMc's Good, Bad and Ugly Mets, my comments on such Mets fan forums as Brooklyn Met Fan, and my own site, My Summer Family, which chronicles the love of a baseball team by a perpetual fan child.  

Hot Blogatrix LadyMet asked me if I wouldn't mind contributing to LOTF, GOTB on a regular basis.  And I need to get my ass back into this blogging world since suffering from what I have coined Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder ("PTMD").  I figure writing about the Mets would help me heal.

It hasn't.  But what's another blog amongst Mets friends.

So while I posted tonight basically blaming all that's wrong on the Mets on Carlos Delgado over at my main site, I wanted to talk about something lighter.  And that's the upcoming Mets road trip to D.C. this weekend.

And I'm going.  On a bus.  Leaving from NYC on Saturday with another Diva named Zoe.  But we are also meeting CoreyNYC from Metsie, the Dykstraw part of D&D, and some other folks from the blogosphere.

How does the Internet handle us all?  I often wonder.

So I am hoping to get out of this PTMD funk and go on a successful road trip.

Cause dammit, somebody has to.

I'll be sure to post a ReCoop on here once I am back in town!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Many Licks Does It Take?

Sometimes a situation arises that practically begs for a blog post. Such is this:

Oh dear, David. Now look what you've made us do -

Possible captions for this picture:

"David Wright, making like Keith Hernandez without the Tootsie pop"

"If I lick it, will it hit better?"

"The secret to avoiding the swine flu: Make yourself sick on bat germs first"

"David Wright attempts to join the rest of his team on the DL by giving himself tongue splinters"

and the one you've been waiting for:

"David Wright, practicing for his date later tonight"

Got any others? Feel free to share.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Ladies They Are A Changin'

As noted in my previous post, there will be some changes going on around here. I have been feeling singularly uninspired Mets-wise lately while my attention is elsewhere, and felt a shake-up was in order. Perhaps something to add grit and edge to our little corner of the blogosphere. Cause we all know how important that is.

This blog will be lucky enough to have at least two new contributors, that you all already know and love. Identities will be kept secret for now, I will let them reveal themselves when the time comes. Kind of like accurate injury reports, it is not prudent to release information before the time is right.

While we are in the process of re-inventing ourselves, we ask you: Is there any Mets topic you'd like to see addressed? Any ideas for new perspectives? Perhaps a player you'd like to see more of? Let us know.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Calling All Bloggers!

Hello Ladies...

Forgive me for the unusual post and the break from all things Mets, but I have some business to take up with all of this blog's friends. Two main points here:

1. LadyMet will now be known as "I". I have found that referring to myself in the third person has become intolerably annoying (I have no idea how you all feel about it but I'm sick of it) and therefore I am dropping it. Earth-shattering news, here, and I know the adjustment may be tough. You'll manage, you're a hardy bunch. After all, you're Mets fans! You can tolerate anything.

2. I am looking for contributors. Due to life changes, I am no longer able to post as much as I would like, and would hate for this forum to die a slow, lingering death. I know that this blog is enjoyed for its offbeat take on the Mets (yes, gossip items included) as we show our love for our guys not just for their baseball ability, but as a fascinating, disparate group of people who have lives just like the rest of us (well, maybe not just like us but you get my drift).
So, if you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail (address on the right). I would love to hear from fellow bloggers (you all know who you are - a talented, interesting bunch of women!) but I will consider a newbie if you are willing to send me a sample post.

So, if you think that you can do sarcasm mixed with love and a little (just a little!) salacious gossip, drop me a line.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gangsta Pictures

Ladies, you may remember a post from a while back we did featuring pictures taken during spring training, which were just lovely. The commercial website from Michael and Jane Shauck is now up. Hold onto your panties, Ladies, and take a look.

Kisses! (she says while fanning herself)

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Note About Gossip

Hi Ladies!

Those of you who follow this blog regularly (yes, there are a few!) already know what we're about, so forgive me if I provide a review of our existence for those who come here solely for the David Wright gossip.

We are, first and foremost, a Mets fan site. We cry when they are losing, we love them when they are winning. In between, we poke fun at the images created by the HUGE NY sports media machine. We are snarky, sarcastic and occasionally rude. Generally speaking, this can also be said for the hundreds (thousands?) of other Mets blogs out there. The difference is our tendency towards gossip. Gossip is a part of living in the biggest media center in the world, and if you are a public figure here, you are fair game. Whether a politician, television star or sports figure, you cannot escape it. Most of these figures know enough to take the gossip with a grain of salt, and as an unfortunate side-effect of working on the "big stage". They are smart enough to know that the benefits of being a star in New York far outweigh the annoyances. It can also be said that gossip serves these stars as a form of free publicity. Show me a publicist who has not planted a gossip item in Page Six in order to generate talk about his client, and I will tell you he is not earning his paycheck. The gossip world works both ways, folks. Marketing 101. Yes, even for sports stars.

To be specific about our gossip items, I will tell those who think I am being "mean" to DWright and his girlfriend(s) to please grow up. Our items are nothing compared to what else is out there. Ever seen The Dirty? I have withheld much of what I have learned, I am not about to "out" someone publicly without her direct request. This last item could have been much worse, trust me. I don't ask that people believe what I say, you are free to disagree (that's what comment sections are for) or you are free to simply ignore the whole thing (that's why there is a warning in the heading, duh!) But to take me to task for being mean is just you being naive (see previous paragraph) Perhaps you should contact The Big Lead also, and scold them for breaking the Molly b-day pictures. Or perhaps not, as that story was planted by someone close to DWright and Molly. An example of the star's camp using the gossip machine to their own advantage. And who's to say that this item wasn't planted also? Perhaps someone wants to make her relationship known, to end the Molly talk. And as for DWright being disingenuous about his public declarations of being single, it is what it is. I seriously doubt he cares if we feel this way, he is more concerned about criticism of his play on the field, of which there has been tons, some of it quite vicious. And honestly, for me, this is all pure entertainment, nothing more. After all, isn't that what sports and gossip is?

Which brings me to my last point (I know, finally!) To one of the commenters: Please don't presume to think you know the state of my ego. Attempts at internet psychoanalysis are always a bad idea. So is sanctimonous bullshit, and condescending "advice" on my writing career. In my "real" life, I write about real issues, the kind of which I can only hope you never have to face in your life. This blog is entertainment; a hobby, if you will. So keep your sunshine-and-puppies advice for your local junior high journalism class, m'kay?

Kisses, Ladies!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Warning: This Is A David Wright Girlfriend Post if you're gossip-adversive, please move along.

The Ladies, being the concerned, motherly types we are, would like to take David to task for not taking our advice. You may remember, back in April, when we advised David to finally come clean about his relationship status, as sources are increasingly talking about the non-Molly, long-time GF. We advised him that he was coming off as disingenious in his denials of being in a long-term, committed relationship, when the talk is that he is. We are now advised that said GF (we shall call her S) is living with him (in sin, if you are old-fashioned) and they are indeed planning marriage and children in the future (at least that's her view). We assume S has forgiven him for the Molly portion of his life.

Now LadyMet would not be writing about this is she weren't absolutely sure of her sources, and if they have not been independently verified to her standards and if she had not seen convincing evidence with her very own eyes. So choose to believe or not, your choice. We bring this up because we feel that David and his PR machine have milked the "single, attractive, perfect sports star" persona to its limits. Enough money has been made here, with the Mrs Wright t-shirts, etc. So time to come clean, as living with a woman makes you NOT single.

BTW - the pic of David and three others getting into an Audi after a game that's been floating around- yeah, that's S. She is at nearly every game, and travels on every road trip. Isn't young love wonderful?

OK, gossip segment is finished.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Johan Conspiracy

It is the year 2009, in an alternate universe. Not much is different from our own world, except for the overt presence of magic. Wizards are real and practice their craft openly. Witches charge thousands of dollars for a properly-drawn spell, enabling the buyer to win the love of their life, get a better job, live longer.

In this world, baseball is also affected by magic. The big market teams bid for the services of the most skilled magic practitioners, much like they do for an effective pitcher on the free-agent market (except the pitchers are harder to find). A good wizard or witch can increase the teams' win percentage by 20%. Nothing to sneeze at when you are in a dog fight for your division.

The New York Mets, in 2008, using the considerable financial resources of the Wilpons, signed star pitcher Johan Santana. They also signed a wizard named Simon Green, whose sole job was to weave his spells around Johan, enabling him to pitch like no one had ever pitched before. Green's spell took some time to take effect, coming to full power in the latter half of the 2008 season. Green took some flack for the lag time, and the NY media spent the spring of that year calling for his head. The spell kicked in around July, and Johan went on to pitch like a superstar. Problem was, the rest of the team could not seem to score enough runs to enable Johan to get the wins he so richly deserved.

Spring, 2009. Johan continues to pitch like Tom Seaver/Doc Gooden/Sandy Kolfax in their primes. His ERA was minuscule, below 1. Same issue with the team, however. They could not score any runs, they dropped balls like they were the Marlins. Post game interviews revealed befuddled players who had no explanation for their lack of support for their most esteemed teammate.

Then, a bombshell hit. An investigation by an intrepid blogger revealed that wizard Green had been receiving bribes from Yankees' GM Brian Cashman in order to bespell the Mets when Johan pitches. Cashman was consumed with jealousy that Johan ended up with the Mets instead of the Yankees (Cashman's decision to pass on Johan drove him crazy) and paid the traitor wizard to bespell the rest of the team to play like Little Leaguers while Johan pitched.

The subterfuge exposed; the offending wizard was run out of town and stripped of his license. His parting shot at the team which paid his salary? "I never bespelled Johan! All that greatness came from him alone, he doesn't need magic!"

With the spells lifted by a new, honest wizard (Jim Butcher), the team went on to win the division behind their ace.

Seriously, think this is crazy? Got any other explanations?

Friday, May 8, 2009

The All-Time Mets Hottie Team (well, since 1986, anyway)

Why 1986? C'mon, that's an easy one. Aside from the fact that our last World Series championship came that year, it was also the Year of the Hotties. LadyMet has fond memories of watching the boys brawl and beat baseball into submission that year, while simultaneously admiring Keith's mustache and Ronnie's eyes. It was the year LadyMet became engaged to the love of her life (yes, she was a child bride) after he realized he could take her to a Met game and not have to explain the infield fly rule.

As LadyMet realizes that many of the readers here are younger than she (judging from the amounts of hits we get from college campuses) we are here to introduce you to some hotties from the past, as well as to celebrate those we are lucky to have now. Feel free to curse LadyMet for omitting your favorites in the comments section.

So, we proudly present to you, the All-Time (since '86) Mets Hottie List:

First Base: Dave Magadan
On the bench: Keith Hernandez

Second Base: Gregg Jefferies
On the Bench: Joe McEwing

Third Base: David Wright
On the Bench: Robin Ventura

Shortstop: Kevin Elster
On the Bench: Todd Zeile

Right Field: Ryan Church
On the Bench: Lee Mazzilli

Center Field: Carlos Beltran
On the Bench: Endy Chavez

Left Field: Angel Pagan
On the Bench: Benny Agbyani

Catcher: Mike Piazza
On the Bench: Paul LoDuca

Pitcher: Ron Darling
On the Bench: John Maine

Bullpen: Roger McDowell
On the Bench: Brian Stokes

Keep in mind this list in no way, shape or form has anything to do with playing ability, personality or stats. It is simply an assessment of hunky athletic looks. So enjoy!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The "I Have Other Things To Do Today" Post

Since LadyMet is busy lately trying to jump-start a new career while simultaneously trying to keep up with the old one, she will give you a couple of quickie hits and a promise that the anxiously-awaited All-Time Mets Hottie team will be forthcoming soon:

Laugh your ass off here.

Loving that DWright got pissed at Omar for his comments. Seems he's hitting better since then. Coincidence?

Relatedly, love Mets Geekette's post on anger in the clubhouse.

Finally managed to steal Faith, Fear in Flushing book from Mr. LadyMet. Don't ask what the tradeoff was. Speaking of the Mr., he spent the weekend managing a bunch of talented (we mean talented - these guys are minor-league baseball material) but immature softball players who also happened to be Phillies fans. See LadyMet's Twitter to find out what his revenge was.

And speaking of softball (see how all things come full circle?) watch DWright dis the sport, and admit to being a media-savvy genius:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Love For Fernando

There hasn't been much in the way of happy Mets stuff lately (just ask Ollie) so the Ladies thought we'd give Fernando Tatis some overdue love, as he has been most excellent in the few at-bats he has had this year (not to mention his stellar play last year, when we needed a stand-up guy)

So here's to you, Fernando (The Stars Were Bright) Tatis!

Is the only major league player to hit two grand slams, in the same inning, off the same pitcher! BTW, the pitcher was none other than Chan Ho Park, whom the Mets faced Friday nite in Philly, and rocked)

After two years out of baseball, he returned to the game primarily to make enough money to build a church in his hometown in the Dominican Republic. He messed around in the minors before signing on with the Mets in spring training 2008.

He replaced Alex Rodriguez on the WBC Dominican team this past March.

Has five children. Busy guy.

Was one of the best hitters for the Mets last year. Nice for a guy that hadn't seen major league action for two years.

Is respectful of the game, and wants to be a good teammate.

With that in mind, we ask you. When Fernando was awarded his MLBPA Comeback Player of the Year award last week, on the field, why were the rest of his teammates not standing and applauding? As they do when DWright and Beltran get their Gold Gloves???

from Joel Sherman, NY Post:

This is a little thing that might just matter to me, but I really do think it reflects poorly on the Mets. Fernando Tatis received his Comeback Player of the Year award on the field just before Sunday's game. Usually when a player receives such an award on the field, you will see his teammates stand on the top step of the dugout and applaud the player. But not a single Met came to the top step and it was just before game time and the dugout was filled. A few Mets, standing near the bench, did begin to clap when Tatis' name was actually said, but that was the entire show of support. This, to me, is a poor job by Jerry Manuel and/or the veteran leadership of the team not to understand what gestures mean in forming more positive energy around the team.

So, from the Ladies:


and our thanks, for being such an all-around good guy.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

Whenever Fernando Tatis is in the lineup (just our perception - but the clutch numbers from last year appear to confirm this)

The box frites at Citifield, despite the $5.25 price tag

Seats in the Ebbets Club field section (private bathrooms!)

The pictures of Mets yearbooks from the past that line the walls in the VIP section entrance (yeah, we know, but it's a once-a-year occurence that we can use it)

The Bad:

Being surrounded by corporate types who only care about drinking beer and checking their Blackberrys

David Wright getting booed. Let us explain. Mr. LadyMet and I moaned, groaned and cursed at every stikeout, DP ball and fielding error yesterday. We, however, simply cannot boo a member of our beloved team. It just feels wrong. Like telling your child he/she stinks at Candyland. Do you not want said player to do well? Wish to contribute to the pressure sitting squarely on the shoulders of a 26 year-old who, by all accounts, works harder than anyone at improving his game? Then you are not rooting for your team. Rather, you are venting your own personal psychological shit onto the Mets. In that case, proceed directly to the nearest therapists' couch. Or to Citizen's Bank Park, just down the turnpike. Desperate times call for desperate measures; let's try a little positive reinforcement.

J.J.'s pitching yesterday. It happens.

The Ugly:

Team RISP numbers.

Team ERA (outside of Johan, of course)

The feeling we cannot shake that the division will not be ours this year.

Anybody got anything more to add to the "good" list? We're listening. Please. The warm glow from the box frites isn't gonna last long if we keep losing.

Here's hoping Jerry's kicking some serious ass on the bus down the Philly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How's That Bridge Looking?

So Jerry says the other day he's not on the bridge yet, but he's on the ramp, and if he goes, he's taking some people with him. Personally, we nominate Ollie first, along with a host of others.

Yes, it's still April. However, this team looks like it's the dog days of August, and that they've played through a hurricane and come out battered and beaten. There really isn't much else to say; right now, our beloved gangstas suck. How depressing. There isn't even any good gossip to keep us going.


No kisses today, we're too down.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sign Of Masochism

As the Mets floundered and fumbled their way into a sweep by the Cards this week, LadyMet got to thinking about that old theory that being a Mets fan is a sign of a masochistic personality. This theory has even penetrated Hollywood, as evidenced by a line in one of LadyMets' favorite shows, HBO's In Treatment. Paul, the therapist in the show, is discussing his kids, and says of his son, "He is a Mets fan, which can be an early sign of masochism". Now keep in mind the executive producer of this show is none other than Mark Wahlberg, a noted Red Sox fan. So make of that what you will.

Other thoughts today, before we leave you to commence your weekend activities (which hopefully include lots of beer and Mets wins):

Coop is so right about David Wright. He needs to stop having sex, and concentrate on hitting. Ladies, you'll just have to suffer for a while.

Luis Castillo needs to play every day. Yes, those words were just uttered by a Mets fan. Go figure.

The rotation needs to be taken into the bowels of the beautiful new Citifield by Johan, and given a good ass-whuppin.

David Ortiz earns his "Big Papi" nickname. Stand down, skankee!

Here's hoping Monday will bring us a .500 record!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, the Pain...

Just one thought for today, gangstas. I will be watching tonite's game with my eyes closed. How is that possible? Exactly. The Mets do not deserve my undivided attention right now, they must win it back.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ultimate Mets Shopping Guide

As promised, the Ladies offer you this guide to the best, most outrageous, thought-provoking Mets gear available. So get out your credit cards, gangstas, and shop till you drop!
The shirt pictured above - an all-time classic - is courtesy of Mets Merized Online and is only one of a large collection of thoughtful and inventive shirts.

Our friend, the lovely Danielle at The Wright Stuff, has some amazing shirts, such as those above. She has created a line of original T's, for men and women, with some truly inspired slogans and designs. In addition to the above offerings, see here for much more. Not that we're biased or anything, but our fav is the "Ladies on the Field" T, with a "Gangstas on the Bus" T to go with it. Note that proceeds are donated to the David Wright Foundation.

Above we have two awesome shirts from Gary, Keith & Ron, where proceeds go to our fav announcers' charities. Hop over to the site, they feature mugs, bumper stickers and more.

Not to be outdone, the guys over at the Wright Stache, who continue to fight the good fight, have an excellent T (and cheap! $12.50) to go along with their funny and entertaining blog.

For those of you who are in Citifield denial, No Mas has a T that proclaims "I'm Calling It Shea"

LadyMet's hubby, Mr. LadyMet, proudly wears his Faith and Fear in Flushing "numbers" T

Have fun spending your Mets money, and let us know if there's any other cool stuff out there we've missed.


JUST ADDED! Murphendise!

Oh Murph! a new site dedicated to our fumbling, earnest, hardworking leftfielder (and the hottest Met - DWright has not won the title back yet) has a shop with some great T's and and hat (our favorite - Moms for Murph)
Good work, guys.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So This Is Why The Brewers Won Yesterday!

Whew! For a minute there, we were sure it was the 17 men the Mets left on base. Glad we were wrong.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mets Merchandise Wanted!

As you faithful readers know, nothing makes the Ladies happier than spending money on cool Mets gear (except maybe a win now and then). We had caught Alyssa Milano on SNY the other day, as she was promoting her flagship women's baseball apparel store, Touch, at Citifield. Seeing the great designs in baseball wear, made for women (and nary a pink hat in sight) made us think about all the great stuff already out there for the discerning Mets fan. You know what we mean, the ingenious T-shirts that mean nothing to the average Joe on the street but that an avid Mets fan will immediately recognize (often created by bloggers - see here for a prime example).

We are looking to create a comprehensive guide to assist you, dear shopper, by putting all these great items in one place, being scattered as they currently are amongst various sites and blogs. Send your favorites, with links and pics, to, and we will feature it in the guide.

We will also be visiting Alyssa's boutique tomorrow during our first-ever Citifield jaunt, and will post a review this weekend.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures From Las Vegas Nite

A very kind reader sent the Ladies her pictures from the David Wright Foundation's Las Vegas Nite, held last June. Now, you all know the Ladies are still mad at David for his refusal to do the stache, but we cannot deny the good works of the Foundation, and the many personal accounts of David's kindness, generosity and willingness to mingle with the little people. We feel we may have short-changed the Foundation, so here you go:

The David Wright Foundation focuses on assisting children in need, both in David's hometown of Virginia and here in NYC. For information on how to help, see their website:

Thanks to Wendy for sharing, and welcome to those from Talk-Sports, here to see the pics. A true Lady you are!
To see a personal account of the DWF Gala from last November, see Danielle's site here. Umm, Danielle? Need an escort for next year? Maybe a driver? LadyMet is here for you...

Kisses, and Let's go Mets!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

J.J. Putz Gets A Love List - the man signing my check is short enough that I can squash him like a bug!

(Bear with the Ladies as we ignore our Mets' slow start - we find that denial can be a very comforting place to be)

You knew it was coming...this means, of course, he is officially a Met in our hearts! (Don't laugh, it's not automatic, you know. You have to earn this kind of love)

Any player who can render WFAN's Mike Francesa sputtering and speechless (you DARE to tease the Pope?) is worthy of our adoration.

An incurable practical joker, uses all the classics - pie in the face, shaving cream, etc. Managed to get Kevin Burkhart on-air with a pie.

Doesn't care when people mispronounce his name. (For the record, it's puts)

Allows his wife to pick the name of their new son (she ended up with Joseph) What a family man!

Played in the WBC like it was the World Series - a complete competitor

Happily took on the set-up role; just wants to win!

Has a blog dedicated solely to him. Note the hunting videos.

When he puts men on base before finally ending the inning, he is merely giving Mets fans some cardio exercise. It's a public service, not lack of skill.

So, kisses to you, J.J.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There Are Many Pancake Houses In Virginia

A few thoughts as the LadyMet family reacclimates itself to the North. Baseball talk to resume soon!

Fredericksburg, VA, where John Maine grew up, is about 150 miles north of Chesapeake, where David Wright grew up.

Relatedly, high school seniors from DW's alma mater, Hickory High, spent their Senior Day at Busch. Many Hickory t-shirts to be seen.

Some people in Virginia have accents, some don't. Why?

Watching game updates on CBS Sports' website via Blackberry sucks. Especially while sitting in a movie theater watching Hannah Montana with the kids.

Why do WFANs' Evan Roberts and Joe Beninigo hate everything? Is Citifield that bad?

Little minigangsta did not like Busch Gardens, while 13 yr-old Lady-in-training did. Sick coasters, though.

LadyMet just turned down box seats for Friday's Yankee game, she has no interest. Is she wrong?

Ron Darling's book The Complete Game, read aloud to Mr. LadyMet, kept him awake during the drive home.

Back soon, Ladies...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Down, 161 To Go...

Highly original, that title...

A quickie today; pre-vacation, post-opening day, as the LadyMet family prepares to drive to VA for Busch Gardens. Yes, people, this is what you do when you have kids. Anyway, some thoughts:

Daniel Murphy. You are quickly proving the Ladies prescient in their adoration of you. Note to Reds broadcasters: it's Daniel, not Dennis. Someday, when he's in the Hall, you are going to be embarrassed by that mistake.

Gary Sheffield likes David Wright more than Jimmy Rollins.

Ryan Church is not giving up right field without a fight.

As a sign of respect, and a gift following his first official save as a Met, we will henceforth refer to K-Rod as Frankie, as he prefers. At least until he blows a few.

Danielle at The Wright Stuff has written a kick-ass guide to Citifield. Read it and you're good to go.

Johan. Our love grows stronger every day.

Hey, offense? This is what hitting with RISP looks like: 5-1 Mets over Reds. This is what it looks like without it: 2-1, Mets over Reds. We'll take the win, don't get us wrong. But let's not fall back into bad habits, OK?

Was it just us, or did Brett Myers' head look like it was going to pop like one of David Wright's bubbles during that loss Sunday nite?

Off days following opening day suck. Wonder what the gangstas are doing in Cincinnati today? Any ideas? What do people do in Cincinnati, anyway?

Comments section is open for business, give us your thoughts on these, and any other pressing topics you may have...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

This Is David Wright's Girlfriend - Or Is It? Some Pre-Opening Day Gossip

Yes, we know, conventional gossip says the lovely woman in the picture above is Molly Beers, David Wright's girlfriend. Model, of course. Very skinny model. Wearing a very expensive dress, natch.

But we digress. There have been rumblings for some years now, even before the world knew about Ms. Beers, about a schoolteacher that David was supposed to be quite taken with. Now, if you alert readers have been keeping up with the gossip boards, you know who I am talking about. She has been named on those boards, but will not be here. These rumors died out somewhat post-Molly pics, but have resurfaced of late, most noticably in LadyMet's mailbox.

Now, LadyMet would not have brought this up if she were not convinced there was something to this story. So, after careful investigation, we present it to you, dear readers, for your consideration. The Ladies invite you to share your thoughts/experiences/knowledge of this very important topic with the rest of the blogosphere. Or at least with LadyMet's mailbox, which is open for business.

Keep in mind that we are still angry at David over the mustache refusal, and this only adds fuel to the fire. Who the girlfriend is, we don't even care. But would it kill you, David, to be honest the next time a reporter asks you if you are single? Instead of dancing around the subject? You've had your opportunities, and the replies are sounding a bit disingenuous. Let's try this on for size:

Reporter: Is David Wright single?

David: Well, I'm not married, but I am in a relationship. Baseball, however, still comes first. My girlfriend understands this.

There! Wasn't that easy? You don't have to name her. Unless she is looking for more publicity, of course. Don't worry, your image will not take a hit. It is, after all, the honest thing to do.


Pictures Of Our Favorite Gangstas

On the eve of our opening day, the Ladies thought we'd share some incredible pictures taken of our boys specifically for SNY's on-screen promos and intros (yes, that's Daniel Murphy you're looking at - jealous, David? Then grow the damn stache already, and we'll forgive you!).

Take a look here, and weep for joy. And if anyone can get the commercial website here to open, let us know. There are more pics to be seen there, but all three of LadyMet's computers are rebelling against it.

Anyway, Michael and Jane, whoever you are, great job. Need an assistant for next year's session? We're available.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ten Reasons Why The Phillies Won't Repeat This Year

While the Ladies work on our anger over David Wright's snub of fans and females (not to mention that he personally called Gary Sheffield to convince him to come to the Mets - THANKS A LOT, DAVID) we thought we'd aim some of this righteous bitterness towards the philthies, now that the WBC is over and it is safe to hate them again. Following are ten reasons why they will come in a distant second this year - if they can get past the Braves, that is:

10. The wrong Manuel won last year, karma dictates that this will be corrected and balance once again restored to the universe.

9. Three words: Chan Ho Park.

8. Jaime Moyer is old. Really old. We can fully expect his arm to be ripped off by the wind during his first start at Citifield this year.

7. J.C. Romero. Out for the first 50 games. "No, I didn't take that stuff! OK, maybe I did, but I didn't know it was aganist that rules! OK, maybe I knew, but the union told me it was OK! Well, maybe they didn't..."

6. Brad Lidge? LadyMet's hubby has him on his fantasy team, therefore he will suck. She is trying to encourage hubby not to trade him for this very reason.

5. Chase Utley has a surgically repaired hip. Now, we are not ones to wish ill health on anyone,'s Chase Utley, for chrissakes.

4. The Flyin' Hawaiian? Gimme a break. You can't come up with a better nickname than that? What are you, 9 years old?

3. Payback for the WBC dogpile where Rollins and Victorino got their shots in to David Wright.

2. Not all rednecks are wife-beating, intolerant, filthy-mouthed knuckle-draggers -see Putz, J.J. Some are - see Myers, Brett. The Ladies predict that all this hatred and self-righteous indignation will explode out of Myers' philthy head this year, causing him to finally go postal and landing him in prison, where he can watch his team complete their second place finish on TV, provided he exhibits good behavior.

1. Arrogance, thy names are Hamels and Rollins
Self-esteem is important for optimal functioning in life, right? Too much is called hubris. And hubris leads to carelessness and laziness. Hence, while Hamels is busy shooting SI covers while his reality-starlet wife soaks in the reflected glory (I guess one season of Survivor only gets you so far, huh?) and Rollins is busy planning his Playboy shoot with girlfriend, the Mets will be leaving them in the dust.

Please keep in mind that if none of this comes to fruition, The Ladies will delete this post and pretend it never existed.

Kisses, Gangstas! Safe trip to Cincy! Say hello to Metsgrrl while you're there!

David Wright Gets Punished

David Wright has let the Ladies down. He has insulted friends of ours, and this is something you simply do not want to do. We have been keeping you, dear readers, abreast of the movement to encourage DW to grow a mustache, as we have nothing but admiration for the lovely guys who began it all, and their willingness to put their own hair follicles on the line for a world championship. Their selfless dedication to the cause has taken them from computer screen to interviews with Mets Weekly and Ron Kuby (quite a combination, there).

Well, earlier this week, David was informed of this movement and was amused. No thought to those who work so hard; no thanks for the time, effort and research that has exposed these men to the dangers of looking at staches like this in an effort to bolster their cause. Not to mention, of course, the sacrifice that 58% of you, dear Ladies, have made to allow that adorable, boyish face to be obscured by a stache. All in the name of a championship.

Now David, have you not said, over and over, that you are a team player, willing to do whatever it takes for wins? Then why, oh why, do you so easily throw in the towel here?

"I don't think I could grow one, even if I wanted to"
What happened to that single-minded dedication to the game? To your team? The fans? To staches everywhere?

We are disappointed, David. So much so that we hereby declare Daniel Murphy to be our new resident non-pitching team hottie.

Win back our love and respect, David. Grow the stache.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Breaking News: Jennifer Aniston Wants David Wright

Move over, Molly Beers.
It seems former Friends star, former wife of Brad Pitt, former flame of John Mayer...(well, you get the idea) has set her sights on our beloved David. Although, in LadyMet's eyes, he is not quite so beloved anymore, but more on that tomorrow. Anyway, the Ladies shutter at the friction this may cause in the Mets clubhouse this year, as it is well-known that our emo-ridden righty, John Maine, has had a crush on Ms. Aniston for years. Bad enough that the Mets are seriously considering bringing Gary Sheffield aboard, now we have to worry about a smack-down between two of our brightest stars over a woman? John needs to be handled with kid gloves, people, he is a major key to a successful rotation this year. So will someone please contact Ms. Aniston and tell her to stay far, far away from the Met's clubhouse?
Molly, will you make the call? We thought you would.


P.S. Thanks to Honorary Lady Danielle @ for the LadyMet's daughter would say, you rock, girl!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back On The Bus, Gangstas!

It's time! Last boarding call for New York, all gangstas please form an orderly line while we take attendance:

Santana! Hello there, sir. Please board first, and sit wherever you like. Is that Ollie in your back pocket? Great, and thank you for supervising him.

Wright? There you are. Do you have your stache? Not yet? If you need help getting it started, please see here. And please leave behind Jimmy Rollins' phone number, you are back to being bitter enemies. No singing on the bus this time, David. It annoys the pitchers.

J.J.? OK, I see you. Pack your baby powder? Check. Shaving cream? Check. Who's that behind you? Jeremy Reed and Sean Green? Oh, sorry, forgot about them. You do cast a pretty big shadow, J.J. OK, on the bus.

Reyes? OK. Do you have your enthusiasm? Good. Celebration handshakes? Great. Leave behind the "special" cell phones, Jose, we're determined to keep you out of trouble this year.

Delgado? Yes. Did you bring your post-July 08 bat? No, not the pre-July 08 one. Burn that one.

Beltran? Hi. Do you have your key to the season? The one from Coop? Don't forget to carry it with you everywhere you go, just as a reminder.

Church? Got your smelling salts? Good. Remember to avoid knees. All knees. Knees to head = bad news, got it?

Castillo? I see you hiding in the back! Did you remember to pack your on base-percentage? No? Go back and get it! We'll wait.

Schneider: Got your camera to take pictures of more birthday parties? Good. Oh, and don't forget Ramon Castro.

Murphy? OK, I see you. No need to jump up and down. Did you pack Nick Evans? Good. Don't forget, he has to go to Buffalo soon, so don't torture him too much. Oh, you also have your Lord of the Rings movies? Great, we'll watch them on the bus.

Maine? Stop poking Pelfrey, please. Did you remember your new mechanics? Good. Lady G's counting on you this year, don't let her down.

Pelfrey! Did you remember your helmet? Great. And your new sinker? Terrific. OK, be careful boarding the bus, please. Maybe you should put your helmet on now, before you attempt the steps.

Livan? Hi. Did you bring your World Series ring? Good. Show it off, display it prominently, make the team want one of their own. Oh, is that the new SI issue? No, we don't want that bad mojo on the bus. Throw it out.

And closing out the line...K-Rod? Hi. You might want to lose that chip on your shoulder, dude. It will be nothing but trouble for you in NY. Just ask A-Rod next time you see him, he'll tell you.

OK, Jerry, gang's all your thing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


LadyMet would like to apologize for the lame post that precedes this one...her 13 yr-old alter ego once again slipped the bounds of adulthood and came out to play for April Fool's Day...we are sorry for any eye-rolling, squealing, and/or heart attacks this may have caused. She is now in a time out.


From the Orlando-Dispatch, March 31

NY Mets Star David Wright apparently tied the knot last night in a quickie ceremony in Jupiter, Florida. The All-Star has apparently been dating his new bride for "many" years, and has managed to keep her out of the public eye. Friends say the couple grew tired of the need for secrecy, and decided to "go ahead and live their life", according to Wright's close friend Dave Racaniello. Wright's wife, who has not been identified as yet, is apparently planning a reception to be held later this summer in NY, where the couple will live.
Molly Beers, the model Wright had been publicly linked to last year, is said to be "devastated", as she did not realize she was being used as a "cover" by the couple, to maintain their privacy.

reported by by Heather Homer

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking News: David Wright Loves His Smile (and so do we)

From the Sporting News, March 12, 2009
(What you won't find on Facebook ... even if you're approved as a friend)

Born: Dec. 20, 1982, in Norfolk, Va.
Alma mater: Hickory High (Chesapeake, Va.)
What's on TV: House, Entourage
What's in my iPod: Dave Matthews, Lil Wayne
What I drive: Audi
Favorite flick: Anything with Will Ferrell
Magazine subscriptions: Maxim, SI, ESPN
Bookmarks: Anything about fantasy football
Worst habit: Biting my nails
Favorite meal: Pizza
Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Tiger Woods
Favorite city to visit: Chicago
Favorite team as a kid: Mets and Giants
Favorite value in others: Honesty
Favorite physical attribute about myself: My smile
And least: My height
My greatest love: Family
My heroes: My parents


Citifield, Saturday, May 9

On a personal note...

Autism Awareness Day is on Saturday, May 9, Mets vs. Pirates, at Citifield.

Go, if you can, and show your love to those affected by autism.


Hurry, Part II

Our Mets beat bloggers poll is nearly closed! You have three hours to throw your love their way.
Next poll is coming soon, we know you're waiting with breathless anticipation!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mets Minituae

As spring training rolls to a close, and our Metsies are finally at full strength, we turn our attention to the truly important things about our team. The Ladies are content to leave the stats, lineup projections, rotation and bullpen concerns to those who are much smarter than us (Metsgeek and Amazin Avenue come immediately to mind, although there are many others) and will instead concentrate on the little things we have learned over the course of this very long spring training that make our beloveds the fine men they are. In no particular order, here you go:

Carlos Beltran is opening an academic/baseball academy in Puerto Rico.

David Wright paid for an Iraqi war veteran to fly to LA for the WBC semi finals.

Carlos Delgado has the cutest son ever!

Ryan Church is now slightly less wise.

J.J. Putz doesn't care how people pronounce his name. He loves a good, childish practical joke. Rapidly becoming LadyMet's favorite pitcher. (Besides, he let his wife pick the name of their new son - how does any woman not love that?)

Francisco Rodriguez does not want to be called K-Rod. Someone needs to inform the Mets and MLB of this.

Golf and pitchers do not mix.

Please note that all these fine tidbits are gleaned from various blogs/news sources, but LadyMet is far too lazy on this Sunday to link to all of them. She will now go back to arguing with hubby as to why the Mets will be fine in the offense department this year.

Till next time!

Friday, March 27, 2009


The all-important David Wright Moustache poll is nearly closed. If you haven't already, check it out and get your vote in. Remember, the future of DW's razor depends on you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frankie Says Relax

Yet another 80's musical reference in the title, we're afraid. Sorry, it's a sickness.

Let's focus on our new closer today, shall we? He has not yet pitched in a regular season game for the Mets, and already the drama is piling up. Frankie arrived in camp yesterday after his Team Venezuela lost in the semi-finals of the WBC. When he arrived, he was asked a pretty simple question by one of our fav beat bloggers, Dave Lennon. Dave wanted to know if Frankie was going to need to rest after being used for two four-out saves during the tournament. Frankie was not pleased with the question. Okay.

During the WBC, post-game interviews became lessons in diplomacy for Venezuelan team officials, as Frankie refused to meet with the Venezuelan media at first because of what he perceived to be poor treatment. However, this decision affected all the media. Okay.

Upon signing with the Mets, Frankie immediately stated we were now the "team to beat" in the NL. An innocous statement, given as it was phrased in such a way as to state, "look at the great team we have!" However, here in NY-Philly battle central, the meaning is entirely different. K-Rod was apparently unaware of this.

So, as Steve Popper asks, how's he gonna handle the NY media the first time he blows a save, and the calls for Putz begin?

To add to the media-driven drama, we have a few observations ourselves. During last years' All Star parade in New York, a close personal friend of the LadyMet family was at work. He is a law enforcement professional in Manhattan, with many years experience dealing with the famous and infamous. As he was policing the crowd, some fans took to throwing balls towards the players, who would then sign them and throw them back. The players and fans had been asked repeatedly not to do this, as it could easily endanger someone (imagine a five year old getting beaned, and the resulting multi-million dollar lawsuit). Upon catching K-Rod doing just this, our friend asked him to stop. K-Rod, in all his 95 mph fastball glory, gave the immortal line: "You can't tell me what to do, don't you know who I am? " Oh dear. No paraphrasing here, this is a direct quote (of course, our friend, being the jaded, cynical cop he is, responded with "I don't give a shit. Cut it out!" Imagine our friend's reaction when he, a lifelong Mets fan, found out K-Rod is now our bullpen savior.

We'll leave you with a positive K-Rod note. A Mets fan who attended the WBC games in Miami reports that K-Rod (as well as most players) was friendly and accommodating, and she amassed a huge collection of autographs (given that her seats were practically on the field didn't hurt). She also reports that K-Rod had quite a following of scantily dressed nubile young women who propositioned him with interesting options (our friend also understands Spanish), but he, being the good fiance that he is, declined.

So let's get ready for some interesting K-Rod stories this year, as he celebrates his way into the NL East Public Enemy #1 title!


P.S. You only have two days left to vote in our David Wright/moustache poll, so make your voice heard!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dis 'N Dat

While the Ladies are recovering from last night's Team USA loss to Japan (by the way, isn't Yu Darvish a cutie?) we would like to pass along to you, dear hearts, some blog-type amusement that kept us from wallowing in our we-can't-win-a-world-tournament-even-though-we invented-the-game pity party.

The Wright Stache continues its quest to force a stache upon our beloved David's face, while entertaining us in the process. Don't forget to vote in our poll over here -> , we will be sharing the results with TWS who will then pass it along to DW in hopes of him caving in to public opinion. Cause we all know David is a people pleaser!

Metstradamus continues to make us laugh till we pee. Check out the Virtual Lock post.

For the definitive word on Citifield, check out Metsgrrl's preview post. She has us salivating in anticipation of watching our beloved Metsies at Citi this year.

That's all for today, but for tomorrow we have all sorts of excellent Mets stuff to discuss, now that the WBC is over and our boys are back in camp.


Friday, March 20, 2009

David Wright and Moustaches

Quickie post today...much to do! LadyMet is throwing a baby shower for her niece/nephew to-be this weekend (doesn't it annoy you when expectant parents refuse to find out the gender? Makes everyone else's life more difficult. How selfish. Like it's all about them.) Anyway, we came across a very interesting blog today and wanted your opinion. Check out The Wright Stache, where a group of Mets fans have banded together to encourage David Wright to grow a moustache; the theory being that "naked lips don't win championships". Now, we want a championship as much as anyone, but to clutter up that perfect face with hair? Not too sure about this. He does look good with stubble, we concede this, but a Keith Hernandez-esque stache? Hmmm.

Tell us what you think. We have installed another poll (we do so love our polls!) and give The Wright Stache a visit.

Also, don't forget to cheer on Team USA on Sunday! Pray that David's toe issues are better. Maybe Miss Molly was able to fly out to LA and kiss DW's feet, make them all better.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanted: Gossip!

Spring Training. The WBC. Injuries, rotation contests, sports talk host-player wars. It's been a great spring so far (someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is supposed to be spring, as we are still freezing our asses off here in NYC). The Ladies are missing one thing, though, to make our joy complete. Gossip. Dirt, skinny, 411, you get the idea. The gossip boards are quiet as church mouses, Perez Hilton hasn't squealed in weeks, and The Dirty is gathering dust. A-Rod has become such a caricature of himself nothing he does shocks anymore, and stories about DWright's girlfriend/non-girlfriend (you know, the model that he is/is not dating) no longer titillate.
So we are here to plead with you, dear hearts, to share with us any and all stories, items, pictures you all may have from your spring training/WBC travels. We promise to keep it relatively clean and non-malicious and of course, anonymous (unless you want to advertise your resourcefulness!).

Send to



Picture this: LadyMet and hubby are settled in for a good night's sleep. As the snoring commences, both begin to experience the same dream...

A nailbiter of a game...David Wright slides headfirst into home on a sac fly, tying the game in the second at one apiece. Carlos Delgado hits a monster shot that adds two runs to the board in the sixth. Carlos Beltran saves a run with an incredible catch in center field. Then in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded, one out, down by a run, our boy wonder gets up. He watches a couple of pitches, then it happens...he smacks a single to right field! Two runs score! We win the game!! Jubilant, he jumps and raises his fists...yeah!! He is tackled by his teammates in celebration! Jeter and Victorino are the first to reach him. He is tackled by the rest, and ends up on the ground, face first, as the pile celebrates.

Wait, WHAT??? Who tackles him? Why are Carlos y Carlos leaving the field with tears in their eyes? We won!
What the FUCK!!! Startled, LadyMet and hubby awake suddenly, sweating.

LadyMet's hubby voices her own thought..."We gotta stop eating Ben & Jerry's before bed..."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rockin' The Cherry

Now it's posts like this that give female baseball fans a bad name (double standard, anyone?) but LadyMet's 13 year-old alter ego cannot let go of pitcher Rocky Cherry, who was offered back to the Orioles yesterday. They declined, and the Mets are trying to re-sign him to a minor league contract. Omar, just do it! A Cherry and a Putz in one organization? Priceless! (and LadyMet knows from 13 year olds, as she has one)

And now back to our regularly scheduled adulthood...