Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wright Brothers

Thanks to our dear friend Lady G, who is apparently paying way more attention to Mets bits and pieces than I am, we bring you today a clip of the Wright brothers - all four of them - having fun at the All-Star festivities this past July. Check this out, and pay your respects to dear Mrs Wright, who raised this bunch and lived to tell the tale:

So glad you had fun, boys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ah, the Memories...

Two things occurred today that took me on a trip down Mets memory lane, so of course I had to share! The story begins in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, January, 2008...

(LadyMet calls Mr L, on someone else's international cell plan): Hey babe! Did you hear the news? Isn't it amazing?

Mr L:: What are you talking about?

LadyMet: The Mets signed Johan Santana!!!

Mr L: WHAT????

LadyMet: How do you not know this??!! I knew, and I'm in a third world country!!!

Mr L: I haven't recovered yet from September, and can't bear to follow the Mets yet!

LadyMet: Well, you better start, cause Omar's been busy...

Mr L: Oh man, I think a trip to Miami is in order for Opening Day! By the way, what are you doing in Nicaragua?

LadyMet: Never mind that, just book a trip!

Fast forward to March 30, some miracle, Mr L and I were able to find babysitters for the weekend, and a discounted government rate at one of Hollywood, Florida's best resorts.

Mr L enters the room, all excited: The Mets are staying here! I just saw Johan! I was so excited on the way up here, I told the guy in the elevator! Come to think of it, he looked familiar...

LadyMet: Well, who was it?

Mr L:'s coming to me...I think it was the guy who does the on-the-field stuff for SNY...

LadyMet: Great job, babe, you just informed Kevin Burkhart that the Mets are staying here. Good thing, I'm sure he was confused...

Mr L: Sarcasm will not get you a new David Wright jersey this year.

We head down to the lobby, and manage to catch Aaron Heilman running for the front doors (we should've taken him out right then and there)

So the point to this little slice of the LadyMet memory bank is that we were woefully ill-prepared for our Mets weekend, having no idea that we had booked ourselves into their hotel and missing out on all sorts of chances for pictures and the opportunity to wish our team luck. I was reminded of this failure when I saw the new post on our friend Julie's wonderful site, Chicago Mets Fan. Julie took some amazing pictures recently of our boys during the recent road trip to Chicago, because she was prepared, and knew the exit from Wrigley for visiting teams, and you can see them here

There is something to be said for being an alert Mets fan, and Mr L and I will never recover from our grievous lapse in fandom. Good job, Julie!

The second occurence today was Johan's surgery, which, by all accounts, was successful (as was Ollie's, btw) So get well, Johan! Please????