Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Overheard at Citifield

So Mr L and I have been to two games over the past week, and while I was forbidden by Mr L to go wandering as I tend to do (Shake Shack line + search for @katiestars = 45 minutes/3 innings) I was able to pay attention to conversations and such around us. Some exerpts, most of which are taken shamelessly out of context:

"This is why I hate baseball" (umm...then why you here, moron?)

"I don't know what is going on" (OK, you're willing to learn, we'll give you a pass)

"Please refrain from using inappropriate language" - Frenchy, on a PSA

"Jerry, you f&*kin' s#%thead!" (you didn't pay attention to Frenchy, now did you?)

"That'll be $19 and your firstborn child" (the parking attendant)

"Watch David strike out" (Mr L, just before David strikes out)

"Awww, JEEZ, DAVID!!!" (me, just after David strikes out)

"Lost a fortune two years ago, so did my clients, but this year's been great" (some a**hole yapping into his Blackberry)

"Crap. S**t. Goddamn, K-Rod! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!" (Pretty much the entire crowd earlier today)

*sigh* So far we're 1-1 this year. How about you?



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