Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Training Tidbits

It's here! The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, the creaking of little-used joints (oh wait, that's just me getting off the couch, sorry)'s that time of year. Finally! After an anti-climatic off-season, where most of the action came not from the Mets front office but from the Mets blog-o-sphere (honestly, people, can we stop dumping on each other and focus on the team? Please? Who cares how people RT? Don't like it, don't follow!!) But I digress.

If you're a female Mets fan, there is no better sight than this picture.

This signifies the official start of the season. David Wright, always the first to arrive, in workout gear, newly buffed and polished. Ahhhh.

Spring training is a time to analyze, discuss, project and plan for the season ahead, and for our beloveds, there is much to discuss. Questions about the pitching staff, the cast of a thousand catchers, the state of hamstrings (see Reyes, J; Nieve, F; Neise, J; among others) and thumbs (see Francouer, J and Cora, A). As usual, however, we will leave such analysis to other, smarter folks. We are so giddy about the start of Spring Training that we are going to celebrate the good stuff. The fun stuff.

Stuff like Nelson Figurea providing John Maine with his very own parking spot. That Nelson! Such a card! He may not be the answer to our pitching woes, but he has proven himself to be a teammate par excellent. Can't a spot be found for him on the team? Perhaps as starting cheerleader/personality coordinator.

We also have our Jerry, with his soundbites already in mid-season form. According to our fearless leader, David Wright arrived in camp "spirtually and physically lighter" Oh Jerry, you wacky existentialist you! David Wright's mental state is essential to the success of this team, of course, but there is someone else who may be more qualified to testify (as she herself noted during the concussion crisis - the girlfriend knows all).

Finally we have our newest love - Jason Bay. By all accounts, this Canadian is a first-class teamate and player and immediately improves the team with his presence. More importantly, however, Jason Bay knows curling. What else do you need from a ballplayer?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the spring training ride. The stress and chaos of the season will be upon us soon enough.



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