Friday, May 15, 2009

Warning: This Is A David Wright Girlfriend Post if you're gossip-adversive, please move along.

The Ladies, being the concerned, motherly types we are, would like to take David to task for not taking our advice. You may remember, back in April, when we advised David to finally come clean about his relationship status, as sources are increasingly talking about the non-Molly, long-time GF. We advised him that he was coming off as disingenious in his denials of being in a long-term, committed relationship, when the talk is that he is. We are now advised that said GF (we shall call her S) is living with him (in sin, if you are old-fashioned) and they are indeed planning marriage and children in the future (at least that's her view). We assume S has forgiven him for the Molly portion of his life.

Now LadyMet would not be writing about this is she weren't absolutely sure of her sources, and if they have not been independently verified to her standards and if she had not seen convincing evidence with her very own eyes. So choose to believe or not, your choice. We bring this up because we feel that David and his PR machine have milked the "single, attractive, perfect sports star" persona to its limits. Enough money has been made here, with the Mrs Wright t-shirts, etc. So time to come clean, as living with a woman makes you NOT single.

BTW - the pic of David and three others getting into an Audi after a game that's been floating around- yeah, that's S. She is at nearly every game, and travels on every road trip. Isn't young love wonderful?

OK, gossip segment is finished.


  1. Doesn't "S" have a job? As I remember the rumor mill story, she is a schoolteacher. Isn't school still in session? Also, if what you say is true, I'd find it hard to forgive David for NOT stepping up and for letting the NY press print the things they have about him and Molly. "S" migh have forgiven him but that's gonna be a tough one for me.

  2. She left her job at the end of last year so she could spend more time with him, travel together, etc.

  3. Thanks LadyMet. I think that only makes it more troubling especially since it's really starting to sound like there was an elaborate "cover up" going on.

    NY Knicks stud David Lee had just told the paper in February that he and DW double-dated with their model girlfriends who both worked for Ford. DW did an interview just after and didn't disupte when asked.

    And, to your point, all these months that people have been eating up the Molly thing, DW never stepped up to put an end to the "false gossip".

    I don't know about most women, but I wouldn't have quit my job to be a part of that messy saga.

    I'm truly disappointed that David would have handled this so badly.

  4. I cannot believe David's "fans" are pissed off that he had the nerve to try and keep his private life private. As a high-profile ballplayer in NY, the only true obligation he has to the fans is to play to the best of his ability in the field and to respond to questions from reporters about baseball. He has no obligation to reveal anything about his personal life and the way he chooses to address it. His personal obligations are to his family and the people he cares about. Perhaps, if what you say is true, they chose to keep their relationship "behind closed doors," so to speak, to have a more "normal" life together, away from the media and gossip columns. Perhaps he was protecting her. And if this meant that he decided not to deny any of the items about Molly, more power to him. I believe most of the time,when asked about his dating life, he just responded that he dates. Even his rep just said that he was "enjoying what NY had to offer." If people chose to take that as saying he was playing the field, so be it .
    It's refreshing to think that, if this S exists, that she preferred staying out of the spotlight, unlike others who used David to get their name in the papers to further their "career."
    Instead of being oh so disappointed with David, why not be happy for him, if he indeed has found someone to love? When you care about someone, you want only good things for them; all you "fans" who have claimed to care about David should be thrilled for him, not tearing him down.
    What bothers me more is that, again if this is true, someone close to them, who they obviously consider a friend and trust, is being so disloyal to them. To me, that's the saddest part of this whole thing.
    And, Lady Met. I believe, from looking through this blog site (I'm not a follower; someone told me about this post), that you are no kid. Why do you enjoy writing things that can possibly hurt or cause problems for people? Do you get some thrill from being mean? Because that's what gossip is - mean. Does trying to prove to others that you're"in the know" boost your ego? Let me give you some advice, advice I received a long time ago. If you enjoy writing, try writing good things about people. That's the greatest ego-booster of all.
    PS - I doubt very much if this girl quit her job just to follow David around. More likely, she quit to take another position.

  5. David has another person living with him and it ain't a girl. It's his boy Dave R. So now he has her and dave both living at casa el David--???? And the pic of the Audi it's Molly and S? The other girl is S? I'm like so very lost here in Gossip land. Lady Met can you please explain. And to the person who wrote the last comment, it's a FREE country freedom of speech so calm yourself. She said it was "Gossip" which means it could very well be a bunch of bs..... she is not looking to stir up trouble.

  6. I don't see what is bad about David not wanting to discuss his private life. He doesn't need to discuss who he is dating or how long he has been dating them.

    Jeter the other main beloved bachelor of NYC has hardly ever discussed that stuff in the 10+ yrs he'd been around. There are always the stories floating around about who he may be dating but he doesn't spend, much if any time talking about it.

    And its not all about making money either. I don't think players necessarily make money off their specific team shirts, MLB and teams make the money, and either way as is the case with Jeter...he'll still be beloved no matter if he is dating or not.

    And maybe it's also the girl who'd rather keep things private. I understand people like to gossip and whatnot, but getting mad about a guy not wanting to share every single detail of his life with the public is ridiculous. His job is to play baseball, not to star in the next edition of 'The Bachelor'

  7. David like goes out of his way to hide Jeter does not- he may not discuss his relashionships, but he is seen out and about with the ladies and just lives his life. Like why all the hiding? why not just live his life and say who cares what people think???

  8. I just find it weird (i am very independant) that a girl would drop everything to be with a guy. ie, job, HER OWN LIFE and move in with a guy who doesn't admit that he is with anyone and when he is photographed it's with another girl....

    the whole droppinig her job thing just boggles my mind.. the what if's pop into my head...

    I guess I am just one of those girl's that has to have her own life and the guy has to have his, so i can have my space!

  9. If this is true, which there may very well be some TRUTH to this "gossip", this girl is very pathetic! Who in their right mind would do something so thoughtless? Funny bit is she was not the one who David was throwing bday parties for this past winter. How serious could they be if she just came into his life? Doubt he would just let anyone live with him, especially some female. Last time I checked David was not up to par, career wise. I kinda doubt Mommy Wright would give her blessings on something like this, especially when her prized boy is having job issues the way he has. Moving in and planning a wedding is pretty major...........

  10. Where is the photo of DW and "S" getting into the audi floating around. What website?