Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kevin McReynolds - Misunderstood Philosopher

Late in 2008, I'd just had it. Had it with baseball, had it with the Mets, had it with my own emotions dictating how my day was going to go based on how the Mets did or did not do.

So I started reaching for the past. And that past included Kevin McReynolds.

For Mets fans, "Big Mac" has some positive and negative associations. For one, he was brought to the Mets in 1987 under questionable circumstances. While there was no question the dude had talent, fan-favorite and tying-run-scorer-of-86-Game-Six Kevin Mitchell was traded FOR him because Frank Cashen thought he was a "cancer" (meanwhile, the two guys he drafted, Doc and Straw, were more so...). That wasn't cool.

In any case, Big Mac always played hard. In 1988, the rumor had it that Kirk Gibson won the NL MVP simply because McReynolds and Strawberry's stellar individual years cancelled out some voting.

Big Mac was not exactly media conscientious, though. He was known for getting in street clothes while the game was still going on, getting fined as a result and heading out of town and not associating with the team other than wearing similar uniforms.

But one thing he said he resonated with Mets fans to this day. When asked about Game 7 of the 1988 NLCS versus the Dodgers, he was asked whether he would be disappointed to go home or be thrilled to be in the World Series.

His answer went something to the effect of: "Either way, I win. If we lose, I go home to Arkansas and hunt. If we win, I get to play in the World Series."

Whether that was true, he should have been saying that before a series the Mets should have EASILY won.

But his philosophy sure has stayed with me.

Like last night's loss. My thinking lately was - how can I lose as a Mets fan?

The D Team is playing. If the D Team wins - w00t! The D Team won!

The D Team loses? What did you expect? It's the D TEAM.

See? Big Mac was right all along. It's a win-win for everyone. Let's drink!


  1. What ever happened to Big Mac after baseball? He was a cutie back then.

  2. Great story! yes lets stay +